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Cuisinart Hand Mixer Review

Updated on September 23, 2009

Hand Mixer Review

As a person that wants to become a baker and make wedding cakes, I have to practice. I also cook a lot of food like chicken pot pie that needs a crust. Mixing things by hand was just too much and I didn't like the stationary mixers. So I decided to get a hand mixer.

Cuisinart Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer Review

After looking at all the different products, I choose the Cuisinart 7-speed hand mixer. As soon as I got home, I put it to the test. I was making my chicken pot pie that night. I used the mixer to mix the crust. I was surprised at the amount of power that the hand mixer had. It was a little loud but overall it worked perfectly.

Since then, I have made cakes as well as mashed potatoes and it works great!

This product is easy to clean and easy to store right back in the box it came in. The best part overall is it's only for about $40 on Amazon with free shipping. That's less than what I originally paid.

Overall Review: If your in the market for a hand mixer, this is a great one to consider.



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      Joanna @ blender reviews 7 years ago

      This site has impressed me and it encourages me to and shows me how quick making a chicken pie can be.