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Culinary Arts Classes in the Community

Updated on August 23, 2016

Cheese Grater

Taking a Cooking Class

Switching to a new career field can be a long and challenging process. If you don’t have the basic skills necessary to understand a new field, you won’t be able to change your career and make the connections you need to get your foot in the door for a new job.

Taking Classes

Whether you need a change of lifestyle, a way to reduce your work-stress level, or you were let go from your job, taking a class can help you acquire skills you need to achieve your goals. Taking a skills development class allows you to work on a wide variety of skills at the same time.

Many of the job and character skill-development opportunities present in a single class take several weeks of training in one job to obtain. By taking several classes that focus on a variety of trade development areas, you can easily put yourself months ahead of possible job competitors looking to enter into the same field.

Culinary Classes

A great job field to enter in is the food industry. From fast food to fine dining, the food industry has an opening for many different trades and job types. Even if you aren’t interested in cooking food or taking orders, there are still opportunities to find a job in this field.

Depending on your availability, you can take a few short classes or extend your class duration for several months. The varying duration of these courses makes it possible to find something that interests you.

Finding a Calling

Culinary classes offer much more than just cooking-skill development. For example, a cooking class could offer safety, sanitation, work-station organization, and co-worker relations skill development. These opportunities can be applied to more than just one job, and having the experience obtained through these classes makes you a more marketable employee.

Range of Skill Classes

There are many community centers and colleges all over the United States that offer affordable skill-development courses. If you are looking to find a specific class with well-seasoned professionals, it might be slightly more expensive than a community college course.

The course that you take should match your level of experience. If you have gone through years of customer service or have cleared tables, it may be more beneficial to sign up for an advanced class rather than a basic skills course.

Make sure to do your research about the course and the instructor before you sign up.

Cutting Board

MERS Goodwill

Our Mission is changing lives through the power of work! Our Vision is a community where each individual has the opportunity to learn, work, and achieve their greatest potential. MERS Goodwill, annually serving more than 69,000 individuals, is a non-profit agency operating in 75 locations throughout 89 counties in the bi-state area of Missouri and Southern Illinois. Revenues from our 43 stores and the auto donations program assist with funding MERS Goodwill job training and employment services. MERS Goodwill is a proud member of the United Way and is four-star rated by Charity Navigator. For more information, visit our webpage.


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