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Cupcake Cuties: Make Your Own Decorated Cupcakes

Updated on November 28, 2010

Christmas Cupcake Cuties

Popcorn Cupcake

Do you wish you had the skills to make cute decorated cupcakes that look like they were created by a professional? Even if your skills in the area of cake decorating leave much to be desired, it is possible for you to do exactly that!

About Cupcake Cuties Kits

With a Cupcake Cuties instructional kit, anyone can create adorable homemade cupcakes in your own kitchen that are attractive enough to rival what you’d see featured in your favorite bakery, magazine or cooking show.

Even if you're not crafty at all, you'll be able to put together beautiful cupcakes in no time at all with these terrific do-it-yourself home cupcake decorating kits.

Cupcake Cuties kits come complete with all of the toppings you need to you need to decorate 24 cupcakes in the design of your choice. Simply bake 24 cupcakes using your favorite recipe or cake mix and follow the simple instructions included with your Cupcake Cuties kit to embellish your home baked creations in style using the included decorative sleeves and toppings.

Cupcakes for Special Days

Wedding Cupcake

Valentine's Cupcake

Cupcake Cuties Themes

You’ll be able to find a Cupcake Cuties kit that’s perfect for any occasion that you’re preparing to celebrate. Whether you’re hosting your own party or need to prepare a dessert to take to an event for kids or grownups, you can’t go wrong with Cupcake Cuties.

There are Cupcake Cutie kits for all types of occasions, ranging from kids’ birthday parties to New Year’s Eve celebrations and any other event you might want to celebrate with a tray filled with sweet decorated concoctions that are sure to garner a lot of attention

Enjoy Creating Decorated Cupcakes at Home

Even though the finished cupcakes look professionally decorated, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy the Cupcake Cuties kits are to use. Even if you’ve never done anything more complicated with frosting than top off a few cupcakes or a sheet cake, you’ll be able to assemble designer cupcakes in your own kitchen in no time at all with a Cupcake Cuties kit.

Whether you want to turn out adorable cupcakes in your own kitchen or if you are looking for a gift idea for someone who enjoys creative baking and cupcake decorating at home, you are sure to love Cupcake Cuties. If you can’t get enough of creating your own decorated cupcakes – or if you’d like to give a gift that keeps on giving – consider the Cutie of the Month Club. You – or the person you sign up – will receive a new kit every month featuring a design that’s appropriate for the current season.

More Information About Cupcake Cuties

Want to learn more about Cupcake Cuties? Visit for pricing details ordering information and to see a complete gallery of designs.

Beach Kit


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    prism3x 5 years ago

    cupcakes are fun to decorate!