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Cupcake Decorating Classes - Learn How to Decorate Cupcakes

Updated on July 16, 2011

Cupcake Decorating Classes - Learn a New Skill

Cupcake decorating classes are popping up all over the place - and for good reason.

Cupcake decorating is great fun, not too difficult to master (at a basic level) and is totally addictive. Once you've started down the route of glitter, sprinkles and cutters there is no going back, you'll just want to do more and more - which is absolutely fine, as once you've learnt the basics of using cutters and piping buttercream this is something you can easily do at home. 

There are classes available for all levels and abilities, so whether you're a complete novice, want to learn how to do a specific technique i.e. sugar modelling, or someone looking to take the first steps into a new business venture you shouldn't have any trouble finding a class to suit you.

One of My Students Cupcakes from an Introduction to Cupcake Decorating Class
One of My Students Cupcakes from an Introduction to Cupcake Decorating Class

Where to Find a Cupcake Decorating Class

The easiest way to find a class near you is through searching the Internet - after all pretty much everything is online these days.

Alternatively you may find them advertised in local colleges, libraries, community centres etc.

Cupcakes classes tend to be very popular and can fill up fast so it's a good idea to book as soon as you find one you like the look of.


Types of Cupcake Decorating Classes

As mentioned previously there are different types of classes to suit different levels and abilities.

Some classes last all day, some just for a few hours. Some are quite technical, whereas with others the emphasis is much more on fun.

The main types of classes around are as follow:

General Cupcake Decorating / Introduction to Cupcake Decorating: These are designed for those who have little or no experience but fancy having a go. Generally around 2.5 - 3hrs in length you can expect this sort of class to involve explanations about different types of cupcake toppings, to have lots of 'toys' for you to play with in the form of cutters etc, and to provide you with a box of cupcake (normally 6 or 12) for you to decorate and take home with you.

Wedding Cupcakes: These classes are not necessarily aimed at professionals, but at people who either want to learn a greater level of skill, or who want to make the cupcakes for their, or a friends wedding. The emphasis here tends to be on elegant designs and may include piping work in buttercream or royal icing and making sugar flowers.

Themed Cupcakes: You'll often find particular classes geared around events i.e. Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday etc where the aim of the class is to make cupcakes in line with that theme. These are great classes for beginners and the more experienced alike.

Setting Up a Cupcake Business: These are quite widely available now and worth attending if you think cupcakes are something you would like to do long term. Cupcakes as a business are not an easy option. It's a highly competitive arena, and of course doing something as a business is very different to doing something as a hobby so it's worth getting all the information you can from someone in the know.



More Cupcake Decorating Class Pictures

How Much Do Cupcake Decorating Classes Cost

Cupcake decorating classes vary in price depending on factors such as:

- Length of class i.e. a couple of hours or all day

- Numbers in the class i.e. small classes are likely to be more expensive but you should learn a lot more with a higher level of personal attention

- How qualified the teacher is i.e. a highly experienced person is likely to charge more than someone with less experience.

In the UK you can expect to pay around £40 - £50 for a 2.5 - 3 hr half day course and around £100 for a full days cupcake class.


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