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Dandelion Flower Jam, a Very Delicate Mix

Updated on August 27, 2020
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Dandelion flower jam, a different and original jam

Dandelion flower jam is a very special jam, different from the ones you are definitely used to. First of all, because it is made with an ingredient that, although it is part of the Italian botanical tradition, is little consumed. Secondly, because flowers are used for this plant. Obviously this choice requires a certain lengthening of the procedure, which foresees a preliminary phase to "prepare" the flowers for cooking.

Specifically, they must be carefully cleaned and dried completely. In addition, it is necessary to cut away the green part of each flower, which is not edible. 200 dandelion flowers are required for this jam. They may seem like a lot, but I assure you that you will have fun collecting them. The outsides are very colourful and beautiful to look at, so a walk in a meadow or on a land full of dandelions can only be good for the body and the spirit.

Going back to jam, it should be mentioned the taste, which is very delicate, but also the nutritional implications. Although the phases are slightly different and more numerous than "normal" jams (those with cherries for example), dandelion flowers retain all their properties intact. Properties that are essentially purifying and detoxifying, especially for the gallbladder and liver. Dandelion flowers, like the whole plant, are a mild laxative and diuretic. This means that they stimulate metabolic processes without causing discomfort. Dandelion flowers are mainly used to prepare infusions, but nothing prevents them from being used as ingredients if properly treated. On the other hand, this is precisely the case, dandelion flower jam is a genuine, tasty product that is good for health.

Which sugar to use for this jam?

As for sugar, those who prepare a jam and not only the dandelion flower jam are often caught by a doubt. Which sugar should be used? Those who consider it as a side dish, to give consistency and sweetness to the compound, resolve the doubt quickly by putting anyone. Those who, on the other hand, consider it as a real ingredient, opt for a more prudent and balanced choice.

Well, it would normally be useful to use neutral sugar, in order to bring out the taste of the main ingredient on everyone. However, those who want to give the preparation a more full-bodied flavour reminiscent of caramel, insert brown sugar, which is characterized by molasses residues. In this case, just because dandelion flowers have a very delicate flavour, I recommend a "light" sugar, such as white sugar. In this regard, however, you have a certain margin of discretion.

Here is the recipe for dandelion flower jam:

Ingredients for two jars:

1 lt. of water;
200 dandelion flowers;
1 organic orange;
1 organic lemon;
700 g of sugar.

Orange and lemon, two ingredients necessary for a jam

The list of ingredients of our dandelion flower jam also boasts lemon and orange. There is little to say about the presence of lemon as it is an almost fixed presence in many jams, as it contributes balance to the flavour of excessively sugary fruits. A jam without lemon juice, in fact, would be excessively sweet, therefore a touch of acidity is recommended. Just a little lemon juice, without going overboard.

In this recipe, however, rather than the juice, the pulp is used, cooked together with the flowers. The same goes for orange, which in addition to its contribution in terms of balance on excessively sweet hints, also adds a little taste. Even in this case, however, it is good not to overdo it. On the other hand, we are talking about a jam of dandelion flowers, not orange or lemon.


To prepare the dandelion flower jam, start by collecting the dandelion flowers when they have blossomed for some time, wash them and cut away the green part. Place them on a colander and let them dry. Then lay them on a clean cloth and let them rest a little, so that they dry completely. Now wash the orange and lemon without peeling them, then cut them and pieces. Put the well-dried flowers in a pot, then add the citrus fruits and water.

Turn on the slow heat and simmer for about 60 minutes, checking that the flowers are always submerged in the water. Strain the mixture into a narrow mesh strainer to obtain the cooking juice. Now transfer the juice to a pot, add the sugar and simmer for about 45 minutes. After this period of time, try the saucer, on a cold plate pour a little mixture and tilt it, if the mixture has difficulty sliding then it is ready. Pour the jam into medium-sized jars, allow to cool and finally sealed. Wait a full day before consuming your jam.

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