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Discover Darjeeling Tea From India

Updated on October 6, 2022
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Uday loves chai tea and cooking. He writes articles on Indian cuisine. He writes how-to articles on food and beverages in India.

Darjeeling Tea Leaf

The tea plant is cultivated in the estates of Darjeeling District of West Bengal in India. Unlike other tea trees, this one is cultivated at height on the hill slopes. In the case of Assam and Nilgiri leaves, the cultivation takes place in the plains.

Premium Certified Darjeeling Leaf because of its unique taste and flavor is the most priced in the world, especially in the English tea rooms. The aroma of the hot beverage made from this leaf is subtle, and the taste is sweet and muscatel. In short, the aroma and flavor of the leaf are unique and unmatched by any.

The tea leaf comes in many varieties depending upon the seasonal flush. The product also varies depending on the altitude, soil, and climate of the gardens it has been cultivated in. The seasonal flush plays a significant role in grading and quality. The plucking also adds to these features depending upon the number of leaves and buds.

Blended leaves are in demand in many countries and are sold as brands. This variety is not sold to consumers in loose form.

The seeds are of Chinese and not Assam variety. Hence it is the Chinese leaf grown in India. Tea plantation began as an experiment whence an Englishmen a civil servant began to plant them in this hill resort. On transfer from Nepal, Arthur Campbell a civil surgeon of Indian Medical Service by profession brought varieties of Chinese tea tree seeds with him. The leaves of this variety are smaller than the Assam variety. The plantation was a big success and in a period of time many gardens sprung up to produce the wonderful beverage.

Darjeeling Leaf Photo

Darjeeling CTC Leaf & Hot Tea
Darjeeling CTC Leaf & Hot Tea | Source

Waghbakri Tea

Darjeeling Tea in Photos

Darjeeling Tea Bags
Darjeeling Tea Bags | Source
Darjeeling Green Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea | Source
Darjeeling Black Tea
Darjeeling Black Tea | Source

More Information

Darjeeling Tea is basically black leaf type but it comes in premium green variety as well. The popularity of green varieties from these estates is rising, apparently due to their health benefits. The taste is unique, no doubt. During the brewing, process aroma fills the whole room to enliven the party. The leaf is often blended with premium black varieties in order to bring the cost down.

Organic Variety

Organic Darjeeling leaves are also available in India. These are for greater health-conscious people. These leaves are expensive. The plants are grown in conditions devoid of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Instead of chemical manure, organic manure is used. Traditional oils and herbs are used to ward off pests.

Oolong and White varieties are also cultivated in some gardens of the Darjeeling District. These are rare products that began whence the English initiated tea plantation in the district.

Darjeeling Tea as Gift - Relationship Builder

Many companies in India sell the finest organic Darjeeling teas from the best gardens. These are sold in bags and cartons, a recent introduction has been the gift wrap. These companies produce beautiful gift packing of the finest blends including this prize leaf.

The exotic packing and high-quality certified blends are unique. These are ideal as gifts. Not only connoisseurs but even non-tea drinkers are highly impressed with the gift baskets. This is one sure way of making friends strengthening relationships and making their way into people's hearts.

The gifts are all occasion items and can be sent even at small events to friends, family, and business connections. Most online stores ship gift items directly to the recipients.

Fabulous Tea & Other Benefits

The State of West Bengal also benefits from tourism at Darjeeling. Most tourists arrive here on the toy train going over picturesque mountain settings. The tea estates here attract thousands of tourists to experience the cultivation and fresh taste of this wonderful beverage.

Tea Garden in Darjeeling District WB India

Tea Garden - Darjeeling District West Bengal in India
Tea Garden - Darjeeling District West Bengal in India | Source

Tea Video

Leaf & Bud

Leaf & Bud of Tea Plant
Leaf & Bud of Tea Plant | Source

Darjeeling Tea Variety

Both black and green varieties are grown at Darjeeling Estates. The black variety is more prominent and popular. This tea cannot be cultivated anywhere except in some gardens of the district, as in the case of Champagne. Thus Darjeeling tea is referred to as the Champagne of teas.

India's top recreational houses sell the best Darjeeling tea bags and packets. They export the leaf all over the World.

Darjeeling leaf comes in a wide variety and grades. Some of the popular ones are black, Oolong, organic green, and regular green tea leaves. These varieties are certified in terms of purity by the Tea Board of India.

The production is as follows:

Monsoon flush

1st Flush

Autumn Flush

In between

2nd Flush

These leaves are further graded before being sold in the market or exported. The spring and summer slush is most preferred by the connoisseurs. This harvest fetches more price in the International Market.

Tea brands

Aromatic Tea

Aromatic Darjeeling Beverage
Aromatic Darjeeling Beverage | Source

Refreshing Darjeeling Green Tea

Refreshing Darjeeling Green Tea
Refreshing Darjeeling Green Tea | Source

Tea Board of India

The Tea Board of India certifies Darjeeling teas based on set criteria. Only those cultivated in notified regions are certified as true Indian Darjeeling leaves before being sold.

The Board is a Government Body created in order to promote the cultivation and export of the leaf from India. The certifications offered by the board are a way of assuring the authenticity of leaves produced in the country.

Tea Cup Image

Tea Cup Photo
Tea Cup Photo | Source

How to Buy Darjeeling Tea?

The Darjeeling tea gifts and cartons are available on company websites. These websites have a shopping cart that sells a variety of products. Once the purchasing is done the company ships the products directly to your home address.

The blends are also available at shopping malls and retail stores of repute. While buying the packet one should read about the certification of its purity. The hot beverage is not available at local chai tea stalls because of the pricing. The brew can be availed at five-star hotels and tea lounges in India.

The famous Darjeeling tea is much preferred by connoisseurs who are the major buyers. The aroma and taste are what make this beverage priceless. The blended products can be stored to be used on special occasions.

Hot Brew

Hot Tea Brew in Cup
Hot Tea Brew in Cup | Source

Tea Shop

Tea Shop in N.E. India
Tea Shop in N.E. India | Source

About Darjeeling District of West Bengal

Situated at a height of more than 6700 MSL Darjeeling is known for its fantastic tea and the World heritage train that ferries passengers uphill. The destination is situated in the Mahabharat Hill ranges and is popular among tourists.

The unique topography and soil type are shaped by the Lesser Himalayan Ranges. The destination is rich in biodiversity and hence home to many rare and endangered animals like the red panda besides many small mammals.

Darjeeling tea is produced in many estates in this district. The leaf is grown for home consumption as well as for exports. Many fine blends of this leaf are available in the market.

Location Map

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