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Deep Frying Your Pickle: Its Not as Dirty as it Sounds...

Updated on March 27, 2012
Deep Fried Pickle Spears
Deep Fried Pickle Spears

Deep Fried Pickle: All the rage they said it would be

I'm sure you've heard the sensation of a deep fried pickle.

I've had the pleasure of having these guys at three different places. A friend's house, a restaurant called Chow 45 Here in Mayfield, Ky and at sonics. I loved all three but I have to say, if it's your first time, and you're in the area, go to Chow's. That place rocked!

I'm sure the first thought through your mind was probably, kitchen mishap with daddy parts, or something else dirty. Lol.

No, but seriously. The deep fried pickle has been around in the south, at fairs, food festivals and diners, since the early 1960's, and is a super easy project to accomplish, and I'll tell you how.

What ever pickle floats your pickle boat

You can either get the whole pickles and cut them, get the spears, or get the pickle chips if you do not want to cut pickles.

However you end up getting your pickles cut, make sure to refrigerate them. They work best as cold as possible. Place them in the coldest part of your fridge, do not freeze them. You'll never get them out of the jar then. ^_~

My Mandolin
My Mandolin

Getting what you'll need

Non Edibles You will need:
Deep fryer (or pan that can get the job done)
A few plates
paper towels

mandolin or cheese grater for chips

Dill works best, but your favorite will most likely do just fine.
corn meal
salt & pepper
oil (I like canola, but its your choice)

optional seasoning:
Old Bay
Cajun seasoning
Italian Seasoning

Old Bay
Old Bay

Powder your pickle

To make your seasoned flour:

Start out with 1 cup of flour. If you start to run out add more, you don't want to use too much flour then waste it.
I love old bay! I use it in anything requiring flour on it ^_^
If you do not want to try old bay, you can use Italian seasoning, Cajun seasoning, heck a little curry if you love it.
The old stand by of salt & pepper works just as well though.
Liberally season the flour. you should be able to tell by "sight" that there's something other than flour in your bowl after you mix it.

Now, you can go about this a few ways:

Egg wash 1 egg beaten with a little milk or water like making scrambled eggs

corn meal

Depends how much breading you want on these puppies.

Flour with Old bay in it
Flour with Old bay in it

Breading and Frying

Regardless what breading method you chose, here's the next step.

Get your oil heating up. The higher the better, you want to crisp the breading not burn the fragile pickle inside. 400 on deep fryers and med/high on stove. You do not want to go high on the stove. Just med/high. High could start a fire.

Drain your pickle. Then when you're done wash your hands, and get the pickles out of the refrigerator and drain them too. ^_~

Gently pat them with a paper towel. They do not have to be perfectly dry. You want a little dampness for the flour to stick.

When you're oil is ready, place your pickles in the oil one at a time until you have a fair amount in there.

You do not want to over crowd the fryer.

After a few seconds you want to agitate them a little to make sure all the sides are cooking. When they turn golden brown, roughly 1-3 minutes, they are done!

If you have to do them in batches give the oil a few minutes between, to catch its breath, and heat back up. You had cold pickles in it after all. ^_^

Let them cool on a paper towel with a little space between them. And Be Careful! Those puppies will let you know what hot, molten, pickle flavored lava tastes like!

Fried pickle Chips
Fried pickle Chips

Dip your pickle

You can use many things to dip your pickle in. One of my favorites is honey mustard. You can also make your own sauce.

If you have the old bay, use a 1/2 tsp, More if you like spicy, Mustard, mayo/miracle whip, and a touch of honey.

To make your sauce:
1/2 tsp Old Bay
1/4 C Mustard
1/4 C Mayo/miracle whip
1 tbsp honey

Remember if you use miracle whip, it will taste slightly different than using mayo.

Blend those together and enjoy!

Let me know how this turns out for you in the comments below ^_^

Good luck... and go get your cook on ^_~


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    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      I am going to try your recipe this weekend and I will let you know how it turns out. Thank you again for teaching me how to make them!

    • Sadie14 profile image

      Brittany B 5 years ago from U.S.

      Yum! I have never had a fried pickle before and these look delicious! I will have to try them out thank you for the recipe Natisu!

    • Natisu profile image

      Natisu 5 years ago from Georgia

      You are so welcome ^_^ let me know how they turn out for you if you decide to try them! And thank you for the vote and tag ^_^

    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      Thank you Natisu! It sounds wonderful and easy to make. Voted up and interesting. Thank you for answering with a hub!