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Delicious, Nutritious + Healthy Snack Ideas :)

Updated on March 30, 2020

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, staying healthy is extremely important. Every day, you need to eat the right amounts of food from each category, and achieve the daily minimums. Here is a list of healthy snacks that are fun to make, and good for you!

1. Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are so yummy! Packed with the best nutrients, these are so delicious, and easy. If you have some protein powder or other kinds of healthy powders, you can add these to your bliss balls. Go for ones that are packed with healthy fruits, nuts, and grains. You can choose from: peach, dates, apples, apricots, the list is endless! The best thing is, you can substitute different fruits and different nuts, making your own perfect bliss ball.

2. Sweet Potato Chips

This one is super easy to make. Just thinly slice some sweet potato and bake it! You could also try using radishes, or apples. For apples, add some cinnamon for a super yummy apple-cinnamon ring! Bake at a low temperature, for around an hour depending on what you are using. These need to dry out in order for them to become crispy. If you want to make them crispy, bake for a longer time, but if you want a softer chip, go for a shorter time.

3. Fruit Salad!

A classic, fruit salad can go a long way to keeping your body healthy and satisfied. Chop up some fruit, and you're done! You can use any fruits you like. Some of my favourite fruits are mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, and blackberries. I love slowly munching through my bowl of chopped fruits, while I'm at my desk studying/working!

4. Trail Mix

Make your own trail mix with nuts, granola, dried fruit, pretzels, and whatever you fancy! For trail mixes, I suggest using all dry ingredients, so the crunchy ingredients don't go soggy, and you can keep it for longer. Add whatever you want, and skip whatever you don't want. Seriously easy, seriously good. I also recommend these for going on hikes or camps, because these keep you energised, and don't go off quickly.

5. Dip and Veggie Sticks or Crackers

Having veggie sticks and crackers with a bit of dip is so yummy. This is also perfect fr families, or when you have some friends over (But stay home, and practice social distancing!). Chop up some veggies, place some healthy crackers on a plate, and make your favourite dip. You can make avocado dips, hummus', cheese dips, yogurt dips, and much more!

6. Muffins

Blueberry muffins. Banana muffins. Choc muffins. Apple cinnamon muffins. The list is seriously endless here. If you have some protein powder, or healthy powders, you can use them in muffins. You can eat them for breakfast, or for a snack. Look for the healthy versions online!

7. Nice Cream!

On a hot summer's day, this is perfect, and super easy. All you need to a frozen banana, and optionally some milk and ice. Whiz it all up, and you have a delicious banana nice cream! For other flavours, you can add some mint extract to the banana base, or add some choc chips. Whiz it up with some spinach for a great, healthy colour!

8. Smoothies

Mmm... yummy fruit smoothies! They're so easy, healthy, and so tasty! Add some fruit, milk, and ice, and whiz it all up. you can use any fruit too, and it's all in your hands. Get creative!

9. Greek Yogurt

Before I tasted greek yogurt, I thought that I wouldn't like it. Until I actually tried it... and oh, it's actually SO yummy! I love the flavour of greek yogurt, that sweetened yogurt with additives don't have. Though greek yogurt isn't very sweet, I love the flavour so, so much. Plus, it's way healthier than sweetened yogurt. If greek yogurt isn't sweet enough for you, you can try adding some chopped up fruits. For a delicious crunch, add some granola. Or, you can turn it into a savoury dip, for your veggies and crackers!

10. Eggs

Boiled eggs, devilled eggs, poached eggs, omelettes... the list goes on. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of boiled eggs at all. But, devilled eggs... SO good! You can do your eggs however you like, but try to avoid fried eggs, and methods that use large amounts of oil, butter, sugar, or salt. Eggs have amazing nutritional value, and give you some great vitamins, minerals, and energy.

So, here's my list of 10 healthy snacks to eat! If you're still reading this, thank you so much. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions and give some feedback. And, please stay safe! Avoid going outside too much, wash your hands, be hygienic, and look after yourself :) Remember to eat healthy and exercise, and do something fun! Enjoy!

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