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Delicious and Crisp Microwaveable Egg Rolls

Updated on December 20, 2008

Would you like to enjoy crisp, restaurant quality egg rolls at home? With Kahiki Foods' microwavable egg rolls and EasyCrispTM pouches, you're just a few minutes away from tasty egg rolls with oven baked flavor any time you want.

Enjoying Kahiki Egg Rolls

You'll be shocked at just how easy and quick it is to prepare yummy egg rolls in your microwave. Thanks to the EasyCrispTM technology, Kahiki egg rolls are ready to enjoy in less than three minutes. Simply pop the frozen egg roll into the microwave safe EasyCrispTM package and microwave on high following the directions on the packages. What could be easier than that?

No matter what flavor of egg roll you prefer, you'll likely find a Kahiki variety that is destined to become your new favorite. These delicious egg rolls are available in three tasty flavors (chicken, vegetable, and pork & shrimp). They come with sweet and sour sauce packets for extra flavor and enjoyment.

Kahiki egg rolls are individually wrapped, making them ideal snacks for home, work, and any time you're on-the-go. They're also a diet friendly option, with only 70 calories per serving. The egg rolls are free from trans fat and contain no artificial additives or MSG.

“We are bringing to market the first-ever egg roll that’s designed to be prepared in the microwave. This is a value-added proposition for consumers. They get the crunch of an oven-baked product, with the portability and convenience of a microwaveable product.” says Tim Tsao, VP of Sales & Marketing, Kahiki Foods.

Finding Kahiki Egg Rolls

Look for Kahiki microwaveable egg rolls in the frozen foods section of your favorite supermarket, warehouse store, or convenience store. Visit the store locator on to find a retailer near you who carries these tasty treats.

About Kahiki Foods

Kahiki Foods carries a full line of innovative and restaurant quality frozen Asian Foods, made with only the freshest premium quality ingredients. No Kahiki foods are made with trans fats, artificial flavorings, additives, MSG, or fixtures.

In addition to egg rolls, Kahiki makes a variety of single serve and family size frozen entrees. Flavors include: beef and broccoli, chicken fried rice, General Tso's chicken, Mandarin orange chicken, sesame orange chicken, Szechuan peppercorn beef, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki mixed vegetables, and tropical sweet and sour chicken. Kahiki also carries a full selection of appetizers, featuring chicken pot stickers, tempura chicken nuggets, and lemongrass chicken "stix" in addition to egg rolls. 


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  • profile image

    DHC 7 years ago

    Best eggroll I have ever eaten. These eggrolls bake up crispy, not soggy like others. Filling is very tasty as well. I will buy these from now on.