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Dining In The Clouds

Updated on February 24, 2018
Gregory Floro profile image

Greg is a retired manager having worked in his country for over 40 years. He and his wife are new residents living in the Tagaytay area.

Great Pizza

A pizza as an appetizer!
A pizza as an appetizer!

Good and safe parking, Tasty and Varied Menu, Hearty Servings, Moderately Priced

4 stars for Buon Diorno
The author's wife readies herself as the fog comes in
The author's wife readies herself as the fog comes in

Tagaytay Twin Lakes

A markerBuon Giorno, Twin Lakes -
Twin Lakes Shopping Village, Brgy. Dayap Itaas, Laurel, 4221 Batangas, Philippines
get directions

A great place for good Italian food

The Twin Lakes area

Constructed by a housing developer with a flair for the dramatic, the Twin Lakes area is composed of a series of restaurants, bars, and food stops with scenic views over looking Taal Lake. It lies on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu road leading toward the beaches of Nasugbu and is presently the last pit stop on the crater rim before one heads downward into the farms and fields of Batangas. The developer envisions it to be the future town center for a series of neighboring villages stretching from the lake up to the precarious cliffs.

My wife and I first ventured there when we were exploring the area outside our village, which is only a kilometer or so away. We were surprised to learn that Twin Lakes also has a supermarket with modern amenities like a drugstore, atm and a small craft brewery. When compared with the tourist atmosphere of Tagaytay, Twin Lakes appears forlorn, with hardly anyone except for the occasional realty agent to disturb one's view of the surrounding countryside, farms, golf courses and villages. At that time, it reminded me of a modern ghost town .

Since then, we have seen Twin Lakes rapidly change overnight, from a seemingly deserted town center into an overcrowded, overparked and noisy tourist pit stop. Over the weekend, thousands of motorcycle riders ascend the long twisted road from Batangas to Twin Lakes, to enjoy the view and the coolness of the scene while taking selfies incessantly. Together with the sunburnt families leaving the nearby beaches for Manila in overcrowded vans and buses, the scene in Twin Lakes reminds one of the chaos caused in Manila during the Christmas holidays.

Buon Giorno

One of our favorite places among the Tagaytay restaurants, Buon Giorno (Book Mark A in the map) has always stood out for its attention to value and consistency. When we first visited the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to view its wide selection of recipes. Being a bit more adventurous and far more hungry, than my wife, I opted for a full course meal .Starting with a home made pizza for appetizers, I made my way through a sliced salmon salad, a minestrone soup, and a lamb chop before finishing up with the resto's own version of tarragon tea. The meal's dining experience was made even more memorable by the fog which chose that time to make its entrance, announcing to everyone the end of a fabulous dining experience. Dining in the clouds was never so much fun, and the cold only served to keep us alert as we made our way back home.

Since then, my wife and I have gone to Buon Giorno several times and at different hours of the day. We have always enjoyed eating at the restaurant, and we have learned to avoid the crowds every weekend. Buon Giorno is another one of those gems we have learned to treasure and enjoy when ever we get the urge to see more of Tagaytay.

A Great Menu To Keep The Cold Out!

 Salmon with dill sauce to get you started,
Salmon with dill sauce to get you started,
A hot minestrone soup to stick to your ribs
A hot minestrone soup to stick to your ribs
A lamb chop to fill your belly
A lamb chop to fill your belly
 Their tarragon tea  to end the   day!
Their tarragon tea to end the day!

© 2018 Gregory Floro


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  • Gregory Floro profile image

    Gregory Floro 2 months ago from Tagaytay, Philippines

    thank you for the comment. Just bring some friends over and your dining experience will be complete.

  • Just Ask Susan profile image

    Susan Zutautas 2 months ago from Ontario, Canada

    Sounds like a lovely place to dine. The food looks so inviting. My mouth is watering.