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Dining-in Clawdaddy Crab house and American Grill another American inspired resto in the Philippines

Updated on February 27, 2011

Located at Boni Hi Street

The exact address is Bonifacio High Street
Bldg. 6, Fort Bonifacio Global City
5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

I've noticed that this restaurant has two sub titles, the first one is CLAWDADDY'S, Great American Picnic, then CLAWDADDY, Crabhouse and American Grill. Obviously Clawdaddy is one of american inspired restaurants along Boni Hi -Street. They serve pasta, pizza and everything that you can order at any other populat American Restaurants. Clawdaddy has an edge to its contemporary for it also serves great and delicious seafoods. I heard they are famous because of their crabs, though  it's kind a messy to eat, looks like Clawdaddy is ready to solve that messy thing

The Ambiance and furnitures

After watching dog related activities by Hobbes and Landes, my group and I decided to walk along Boni-hi Street to look for the best place to dine in. We passed by this Clawdaddy's and everybody agreed it was the best place to go. For me the ambiance is very comfortable and neat. The tables were all made of wood, reminding us of a picnic somewhere.

Since Boni Hi Street is already dog friendly establishment, all restaurants there have outdoors dining table, especially reserved for customers who bring along their pets.


The food we ordered

Since the servings of food is good enough for two or three persons, we ordered only three, Carbona and Marinara pasta, and Ryan's chopped Barbecue Square Pizza. All of those are very tasty, but I am not much into barbecue flavor, I am more curious with the Crispy smoke Salmon Cream cheese Pizza, which gave me enough reason to return to the resto some other day.

If you are curious

Go and visit the place...You wont regret it for sure....


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