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Dining in MESA, Filipino Moderne, Greenbelt 5

Updated on June 16, 2012

Maybe with the aim to highlight a Filipino tradition, the restaurant was named as Mesa, which is the Filipino word for Table or dining table. It is in our dining table where our family eats together and bond. the first time I came to Mesa restaurant, that what comes to mind immediately, the old filipino tradition of eating together in a long or round dining table and dulang in earlier years.


A childhood friend who lives in Singapore went back to Philippines to attend to a family gathering, my cousin Liza and I, as her friends took that opportunity to meet with her and have dinner. Since Deth was checked in to ASCOTT Hotel near Greenbelt, my cousin decided to have our Dinner at this "MESA" grill or restaurant.

As expected it is one of the coziest place in Greenbelt 5, and surprisingly full of people inside even on a very ordinary day, we decided to choose a table at the corridor which is also occupied and owned by "MESA".

While waiting for the Menu I noticed this Mesa Paper placemat and it said, "owned and operated by Lamesa Grill Groups", my cousin told me Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and friends owned the establishment, and how lucky the Senator is, to almost have everything, including a restaurant business that gives a good impression not only to filipino families but also to foreigners in our Country

Attention arouser menus

Aside from Senator Kiko, I would like to commend those people behind this restaurant, I think they are very artistic in combining foods and spices, and really very impressive in the food presentation. Maybe that is the reason why it is also called a Filipino Moderne, because they don't just serve our Filipino dish "just like that", foods were not cooked "just like that", everything is a combination of simplicity and elegance and customers just love  it.

Chicken Binakol

Chicken Binagol looks attractively delicious, especially when place inside a coconut husk, that still  has its white coconut meat and with a sweeter taste, obviously caused by the coconut milk. If you crave for something sweet in a soup, you will surely like this

Deboned Tilapia

 I am especially fascinated with the presentation of this 'Deboned Tilapia". This is actually tilapia fillet combined with spices and herb or maybe other secret ingredients they shaped into square, and once you taste it you can tell that the tilapia meat is so soft and tasty. If you're a fish patronizer you will surely love this one. It is serve with four kinds of sauces that enhances more the tastes of the fillet.   The tilapia bone with the head still attached firmly was also deep friend and served standing along the fillet and sauces... really a mouth watering sight.

Assorted Grills

Filipinos just love grilled foods. But if you go for a sweeter barbecue taste, you will definitely love Mesa's assorted grill. Chicken and pork barbecue, grilled Liempo, grilled shrimp, squid and mussels.

so you think we enjoyed it?

If you are curious

again if you are curious go and visit the place, this is good for families and groups. If you have friends from other countries who visited the Philippines, try to bring them at the Mesa, for sure they will like our very own Filipino dishes with a Twist.


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