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Do you have a passion to make wine by your own recipes?

Updated on January 21, 2010

My husband, one of his hobby making of wine coming from grapes. He didn't sell wines, he only love to make. Sometime, I always ask him why you produced so many wine make him pissed off. It might be because I am always asking him again and again. He said honey, please don't neglect and reject what I love to do. That is my passion. Well, on the back of my mind, saying accept it. I remembered when my sister -in-law  telling me of..your husband is a good person and honest. The only things that you must accept on his his passion to make the things that he want to do.

Actually it is a great help for us.If someone on our friends and family has a Birthday. Or whatsoever the occasion has. We didn't buy a gift for them. If we love to gift wine then we wrap. So far we have 5 varieties of wine in a shelf. More or less has 150 bottles left . And I am pretty sure this year of 2010 not yet in his plan to make another batch of wine. Hope so...not.

Do you have also a passion to make your own wine?

Here is one of those.....

1. Red wine - 16 -20 lbs of grapes9 its depends on what variety), sugar(add if low to S.G1.090-1.100 Acid blend, add if low to.65% tartatic. 1 Campden, crush and 1 pack of wine yeast.

Method :

Use grapes that are fully ripened and free from mold. Remove from stems. Discard leaves and any foreign materials.

1. For small quantities let say 5 -10 gallons crush by hand into primary fermentor. Take note: for larger quantities used grape crusher. DO NOT fill primary to top.

2. test sample of clear juice must be observe. Adjust acid and sugar content, if badly needed.

3. Stir in Campden. cover primary. After 12 hours add the yeast. Recover primary.

4. Pulp raises to form a "cap". Stir daily, keep cap punched down and wet. Check always the S.G.

5. When ferment reaches S.G. of 1.030( that is about 5 to 6 days) syphon free-run juice into secondary. Strain pupl( or use press) and add this juice to secondary.

6. when ferment is complete is complete(S.G.has dropped to 1.000- about 3 weeks) syphon off sediment into clean secondary. reattach lock.

7. To aid clearing syphon again in 2 months and again if necessary before bottling.

" Whatsoever you it and make it" If you failed don't presume that this is a failure. Despite take this as a learner.


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