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Easy Cake Pop Recipe

Updated on December 20, 2015
Christmas Cake Balls
Christmas Cake Balls

Cake pops are quite simple to make but they can be attractive and very impressive. Cake balls are the same thing as cake pops except they do not come on a stick. You can place cake balls into a tray and they look just like elegant and delicious truffles that were made by a professional.

This is a very easy recipe and if you like cake pops you'll save a lot of money making them yourself. Not to mention they make fantastic gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasion. The cake balls that you see in the picture were created as gifts for Christmas. You might notice the chocolate candy cane ones or the Grinch-inspired ones in green with a heart.

You can create amazing works of art, you're only limited by your imagination (and ideas you might find on Pinterest)!

Cake Pop and Cake Ball Recipe

2 cups of crumbled cake (see instructions below)
1/2 cup of buttercream frosting
10 sticks or cupcake cups
1 cup melted chocolate or candy

1. Break up a cake into 1-3 inch (2-6cm) pieces.

You will need a baked cake that has not been frosted. Choose the flavor of cake that you would like your cake pops or balls to be (i.e. chocolate, vanilla). You can bake your own cake from scratch or use a boxed one.

Break the cake into pieces in a large bowl so that you can mix in your frosting.

2. Mix the frosting into your cake pieces.

You can make your own buttercream frosting or buy one of the containers from the store. Depending on how moist your cake is, the amount of frosting you need may differ. Add the frosting slowly and use your hands to mix it so that you can feel the texture of your mixture.

Add enough frosting so that you can roll some into a ball while the ball still maintains a bit of crumble to it. For instance, create a ball and see if you can break a piece off as if you were taking a bite. You do not want it to be too mushy (or too sweet because you are also adding a candy/chocolate shell).

3. Roll your mixture into balls.

Create balls that are about an inch in thickness. If you are making cake pops and not cake balls this would be the time to add your sticks. Dip one end of each lollipop stick into your melted chocolate or candy mixture and stick it about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way into your cake pop.

Place the cake balls or cake pops on a plate or baking pan with parchment paper and put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes (you can leave them in longer if you need to) to slightly harden ad allow the lollipop stick to adhere to the cake pop. If you freeze them you might want to thaw them slightly so that you chocolate or candy shell does not crack due to the changes in temperature.

4. Coat you cake pops or cake balls.

Prepare your chocolate or candy coating by melting about a cup's worth. You may need to melt it more during the process due to the cake pops or cake balls being cold and cooling it.

Dip each cake pop or cake ball into the melted mixture and coat well.

If making cake pops you should have a stand ready to place them in so the coating can dry properly. You can create a stand using a cardboard box and punching holes in it large enough to hold the lollipop sticks in place. If you're making cake balls, place them onto parchment paper to dry.

Have your garnishes or decorations ready to apply once you coat your pops or balls because the coating may dry quickly!

6. Let the coating dry then store them.

Allow your cake pops or cake balls to dry at room temperature then either wrap or cover them to store. If you're making the balls you can place them on mini cupcake cups then put them in a decorative box or tin to give as a gift or just pt them in a plastic bag to store in your refrigerator or freezer.

You can store these at room temperature for about a week or freeze them to keep them longer. When thawing the cake pops place them in the refrigerator first if they are wrapped and you want to keep it from collecting condensation.

If you're making similar-looking cake pops that have different fillings (the flavor of cake is different) then you might want to put a garnish on one of them so that it distinguishes the two.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      this recipe is different from my dear friend thelma cake pop, but looks delicious