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Easy Crock Pot Italian Chicken with a Twist

Updated on June 19, 2013
Italian chicken with a twist in the slow cooker
Italian chicken with a twist in the slow cooker | Source
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I love it when new recipes come together for me. It was a snow day here in Wisconsin, so I was off of work and my kids did not have school. Usually we have frozen pizza when I work, since I get home after 5 pm. so I had nothing planned for dinner. Once I found out I had the whole day to cook and we were going to be stuck at home, I thought it would be nice to smell something good cooking for the day. I really was not sure what to make and all my meat was frozen. I decided to go with chicken breasts because I could put them in the crock pot frozen and still have a great meal at the end of the day.

I had to see what was in my pantry and I wanted something easy that I could serve with pasta. I had lots of cans of diced tomatoes and cream of chicken soup, so I decided to try them together as a new recipe for the family. I recently saw a recipe for Mexican chicken using Rotel and cream of chicken soup with taco seasoning, I thought it would work as well with Italian seasoning and plain diced tomatoes. The flavor came out just incredible! The tomatoes add a tang and make a really tasty sauce to go with the chicken. I was thinking of putting this chicken over linguine pasta, but my pantry was out of that. All I had in there was Rotini. With all the snow on the ground, I did not want to make a trip to the store so I went with Rotini. It was a really great choice because the Rotini noodle holds the creamy sauce well onto itself.

I think this dish could easily be served over rice or mashed potatoes. My family has mashed potatoes quite a bit so I really wanted to serve them something different. I try to keep pasta as a more special dish so the kids don't get bored with it. I am so glad they loved this pasta dish, they are both quite picky eaters. They especially liked sopping up the sauce with their crescent rolls! I made some Italian breadsticks for my husband and myself, but my kids love crescent rolls, so I also made those. They tend to think the Italian breadsticks are too "spicy". Anyway, more Italian bread for me! I hope if you get a chance to make this dish, you love it, too! It will definitely be made many more times in this house!

Everything ready to go in the crock pot
Everything ready to go in the crock pot | Source
Italian chicken with diced tomatoes
Italian chicken with diced tomatoes | Source

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 4 hours
Ready in: 4 hours 5 min
Yields: serves four


  • 4 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup, undiluted
  • 1 packet dry Italian seasoning
  • 1 14 oz can diced tomatoes, drained
  • pinch salt and pepper, optional
  • Parmesan cheese, for garnish
  • cooked pasta, serve over


  1. Lightly spray inside of crock pot with a non-stick spray. Place frozen chicken breasts (or thawed, just remember it won't take as long to cook if it is thawed) into crock pot. Season lightly with salt and pepper if you like.
  2. Place the cream of chicken soup in a small mixing bowl. Add Italian seasoning packet to the cream of chicken soup. Then add the diced tomatoes and mix it all together well. Pour over chicken in crock pot.
  3. Cook on low in slow cooker for 3-5 hrs, depending on size of chicken breasts and if the bone is included. If the breasts have a bone, let them cook a little longer, just keep checking tenderness with fork and temperature if you have a thermometer. Chicken should register a temperature of 150-160°.
  4. Cook pasta as directed on package. I used Rotini, which takes about 10 minutes to make al dente, but feel free to use any kind of pasta your family likes. I was thinking of linguine originally but did not have it in the pantry. Serve chicken and sauce over pasta with bread on the side.
Dinner is served!
Dinner is served! | Source


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  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

    This sounds great and I love all the ingredients so bet it would be really good. I probably won't use a crock pot but same difference I am sure. Great to make those memories with your kids that they will always remember. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 3 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    I hope you enjoy this as much as my family does, rls! It is quite tasty, thanks for checking out my Hub!

  • rls8994 profile image

    rls8994 3 years ago from Mississippi

    I have been looking for some good crock pot recipes and this sounds delicious! I will be trying soon :)

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 4 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    This is really good, teaches! hope if you make it you like it, too, it's nice to have another super easy crock-pot chicken recipe!

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

    Oh, my! This looks really good. I love my crock pot for making hot meals for the evening meal. This one would be so comforting to come home to one evening this week. Thanks for the share.

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 4 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    Thank you so much for checking out my hub, Annie! I hope if you make it you enjoy it as well.

  • Annie Miller profile image

    Annie Miller 4 years ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

    I love using what you have on hand for something new. Sounds delicious and will definitely give it a try! Thanks, amberld!

  • randomcreative profile image

    Rose Clearfield 4 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Simple and delicious! I know that this will appeal to many families. Thanks for sharing.

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 4 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    It is so easy, too! I can't believe I have not tried making this before and it is definitely a keeper. Can't wait for lunch to have the leftovers! thanks for checking out my recipe carol7777!

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

    Looks good to me. I guess when you got home you thought someone made dinner for you. Great recipe.