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Easy Fried Rice Recipe

Updated on February 17, 2013
Easy frired rice.
Easy frired rice. | Source

By Joan Whetzel

Fried Rice looks more difficult than it is. It is a way to use leftover plain rice if you have it or to make an instant or boil-in-bag rice something special. The actual cooking time for frying the rice is 4 to 5 minutes. The prep time is a bit longer. The instant or boil-in-bag rice takes up to 10 minutes to boil and it will take several minutes to prepare the carrots, peas, onions, garlic and ginger as well as about 1 minute or so to scramble the eggs. Once you have all the ingredients ready ahead of time, throwing them together in the pan is a breeze.


1/4 to 1/2 Toasted Sesame Oil, or olive oil

2 Carrots, diced

1/2 Medium Onion, diced

3 Cloves Garlic, minced

1/2 tsp. Fresh Grated Ginger, or 1/4 tsp. ground ginger, or 4 to 6 pieces of candied ginger

1/2 Cup Frozen Peas, thawed

2 Eggs, scrambled

1/4 Cup Lite Soy Sauce

4 Cups Cooked Rice, Minute Rice or boil-in bag rice works great


  1. Prepare all ingredients by chopping and grating ahead of time and setting aside. Cook the rice and set it aside until ready to stir it in. Instant and boil-in bag rice keeps the preparation process quick and easy.
  2. Pour the oil into a fairly large, hot skillet. The burner should be set on a medium to medium-high heat.
  3. Add carrots and onions sautéing until onion start to turn translucent.
  4. Add garlic and fresh ginger or candied ginger. (If using ground ginger add it later with the rice.)
  5. Scramble the eggs in a separate small skillet.
  6. Add rice, eggs, thawed peas, ground ginger (if using ground instead of fresh or candied) and a little more oil if necessary.
  7. Sautee ingredients together for about a minute to combine flavors, and then add lite Soy Sauce. Stir a little more and taste for seasoning. Add more Soy Sauce and ground pepper if needed. Soy Sauce should add enough saltiness to the recipe, so be careful before adding salt.

Serves: 6 people


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    • joanwz profile image

      Joan Whetzel 4 years ago from Katy, Texas

      garlic rice sounds good. Yum.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      Hi joan! I love making fried rice. I can make a quick dish with just rice and fried garlic. Yummmy! Thanks for your recipe. Voting up and sharing.

    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Wow. This looks very delicious. simply mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.