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Easy spice rub for BBQ pork.

Updated on July 7, 2007

Easy 5 spice rub for pork

To rub or not to rub; the beginning of a great many BBQ debates center on the volatile subject of spice rubs, and in general, I fall into the no rub camp. For a long slow and smoky pulled pork cue, or even a batch of BBQ ribs, all I want is a little salt and pepper, and the pure smoky/porky taste of BBQ.

Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, and forgot to brine my pork chops, and I just want something quick and easy, I fall back onto this easy rub. It's perfect for pork, and a 30 second spice rub adds a great depth of flavor. This is lovely for after work pork chops, although perfectly acceptable for a more serious family meal.

Try to get some pork chops with a bit of fat throughout. We all sacrifice far too much in the name of flavor for "tenderness"; today's pork is far too lean, and a lean pork loin chop, is pretty bland. Try a cutting your own chops from the shoulder or the neck, and see how much better they'll be! If you do feel you the need for a more conventional pork chop, try to get something fatty and bone in. This will help somewhat.

Make up a batch of this potent stuff, and keep it as needed to add life to any plain Jane BBQ

Easy spice rub for pork

Equal parts:

White sugar


Chili flakes

Ground coriander

Black pepper

Rub liberally over both sides of the pork chops, and grill. This is not at all spicy. Don't be afraid of the chili here, it's just a mild background note amongst the many flavors. The coriander, which can be a bit cloying in its own, adds the note of intrigue amongst the other more common elements.

As there is a bit of sugar in the rub, keep a close eye on the chops as you grill them, to avoid any unwanted Cajun style blackening!

Fresh summer green beans with butter and salt and an easy potato salad get me hungry just thinking about them, and can all be prepared in a few minutes after work while you grill the chops. Apples, in any form, will always go with pork, as will pears; and if it's the beginning of August, and peaches are perfectly ripe and luscious, why not try a simple peach salsa served over the top of these easy grilled chops.

Peach salsa

Peaches chopped roughly, lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt.


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    • Mark Knowles profile image

      Mark Knowles 10 years ago

      Hi John,

      Love the recepes and I will certainly be trying some of them. You should try some rubs though, I have a great rub here to try. I think the thing with rubs is to let them marinade afterwards to get a more subtle flavor. I have found that cooking within less than 24 hours tends to give a harsh taste. Anyway, I hope you take a look at this recipe. Let me know waht you think, Mark