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Foods That We Can Eat to Make us Feel Good

Updated on December 4, 2010

How do you feel when you eat certain foods?

Ever since I was a small boy I was aware of how certain foods made me feel after I ate them. Many of the foods that were thought to be good for you and were set on the table just didn't make me feel good. I have always ate foods that I felt made me feel good. Well when I was older I did because my parents were forcing me to eat foods that I didn't want.

Sure I wanted to eat cake and cookies but I knew that they didn't really make me feel very good. I seemed to be more tired when I ate candies and foods with alot of processed sugar and chocolate. As I grew up I wanted to feel good when I ate I also wanted to have more energy. I didn't want to be sluggish and over weight from eating processed foods that had little value for me nutritionally. I also didn't want to be one of those people who only ate certain things for political or nutritional reasons.

I still eat foods that dont really make you feel that great but only a small amount of them. I dont usually refuse any kind of food when offered unless I feel it is spoiled or contaminated.

Many of the fast food restaurants I have seen hire employees that do not have a basic grasp on cleanliness. They dont wash their hands enough and do not handle food properly. I try to avoid all of these places without offending the people I am with. I will admit that some of the fast food places,I still eat their food a few times a year and it normally does not make me feel that bad.

If I eat the fast food everyday by the end of the week I dont feel that great. Even though some fast food may taste good it seems to me to be have less substantial nutritional value. I see most of the people that eat it everyday are over weight and pretty much unhealthy . At least to my standards anyway.

I dont like to control what I eat or restrict my diet. I like to tell myself that I can eat anything I would like to eat. If I over eat I get more exercise to burn it off. Its that simple. You can eat almost what ever you want to eat if you remain active. Find some kind of activity that you enjoy. Something that isn't a chore for you to do.

Surfing is fun and is a great way to stay in shape for me. It has helped me have better balance and concentration. Find an activity that benefits you in many ways not just burning calories. It took me 20 years to find surfing,

I lifted weights, ran, biked and hiked. I couldn't do any of them consistently enough to satisfy me. So probably the most important aspect of my life that has kept me young and active is finding out more about myself. Finding out what foods I like to eat and what foods make me feel good. Also finding out an activity that I could consistently look forward to. One that isnt a chore that brings joy and insite into my life. Dont give up keep tring new things you will find the right foods for you and the right activity to keep you young and healthy for as long as you desire.

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