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Eating Animal Fat Is the Biggest Killer of All

Updated on November 20, 2018

A healthy colon weighs 9 pounds. Actor John Wayne's colon weighed 60 pounds when he died. It was loaded with old, toxic, and putrefying feces.

An ever increasing number of courageous physicians are now speaking out and telling us the truth about the actual effects of eating meat and dairy products. The simple truth is that the more meat and dairy products we eat the sicker we get and the sooner we die.

Honest physicians like Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the Cornell University Professor Emeritus in Nutritional Biochemistry, has devoted the past 50 years to studying the correlation between diet and serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and other life threatening internal diseases. He knows the truth and isn't afraid to tell us.

Dr. Campbell, along with a Dr. Chen produced the Cancer Atlas of China, the product of a study involving 65 different counties or provinces in China where 100 people in each of these 65 counties were fed various diets. Various percentages of both plant based foods and animal based foods were fed to each of the 65 groups and the results were carefully monitored and recorded.

In a nutshell, the groups eating the higher percentages of animal-based products experienced more ill health than the people eating the least amount of animal based products. The folks eating primarily plant-based products were the healthiest of all.

Studies from honorable physicians like Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne, Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Neal Barnard all reveal the same thing, which is that the people who consume the most animal based products have the highest rates of Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, and many other internal diseases.

All of the "honest" studies reveal the exact same thing. People in countries that consume almost a totally plant-based diet simply do not get cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, or any of the other horrible diseases plaguing all of the major meat and dairy consuming countries, like America.

The saturated fat from animal-based meat and dairy products literally clings to the walls of our blood vessels. This blood vessel clogging process is now being seen in 6 and 7 year old children. The older we get and the more animal products we consume, the more this saturated fat begins to build up and coat our blood vessels, becoming thicker and thicker, making our blood passageways narrower and narrower.

This is what forces our heart to pump harder, causing high blood pressure, forcing our blood to pass through tighter and narrower blood vessels. When our blood vessels become totally clogged up with animal fat, this is when we have a stroke or heart attack.

Because so much animal fat clogs up in and around our cells, our cells are unable to receive the proper nutrients from our blood. Our cells begin to malfunction and we begin to break down. All of our organs are eventually affected. This degenerative process is what causes cancer, heart disease, stoke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and every other ugly form of illness. It all starts with eating meat and dairy.

Some of our blood vessels, called capillaries, are so tiny, that only one blood cell can pass through them at a time, and that's when the capillary is clean and healthy. In our brains, when this animal fat clogs up enough of these tiny little capillaries, that's when we don't think very efficiently. This is what causes the horrible condition we call Alzheimer's Disease. Even now, when we lose a train of thought, which many of us do from time to time, it's generally caused by this capillary clogging from animal fat.

Of course, you will read and hear other physicians and health scientists saying that eating meat and dairy are good for you, or not that bad, etc. You have to be intelligent enough to understand that these people are being paid to say these things by the Medical Establishment, Big Pharmaceutical Companies, and the Meat and Dairy Interests. They don't give a damn about the truth or what's good for you. They are interested in making money or protecting their prestigious jobs.

Don't fall for that lie that eating meat and dairy are necessary to provide you with the necessary proteins and nutrients you need for strong muscles and bones. Remember the truth, which is, that you receive a superior form of nutrients and protein from plant based foods, in all cases, every time, regardless of the protein or nutrient you may be concerned about. Remember that the most powerful animals in the world, like elephants, gorillas, and rhinos have plant based diets. Meat and Dairy are simply a slow-kill form of poison. Avoid them if you want to be healthy.

Remember folks, sick people are big business. Last year, for example, there were 500,000 By-Pass Heart Surgeries performed in America, alone. At approximately $100,000 per surgery, that's $50 Billion dollars, just for that one form of surgery. These folks certainly don't want you to stop eating meat and dairy products. The cancer treatment industry is also experiencing record profits. I repeat, the medical business wants you to continue eating lots of meat and dairy.

Overall, in America alone, the Healthcare Marketplace, which includes Hospitals, Physicians, Big Pharmaceutical companies, Health Insurance costs, etc., is reportedly more than $3.2 Trillion Dollars per year right now. Now, THAT'S BIG BUSINESS. Healthy people are simply bad for business. The truth about the many horrors associated with the consumption of meat and dairy have been heavily suppressed by our public educational system, our politicians, even our churches. It's all about the money. "You" need to protect yourself and your families.

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), the largest study of diet and disease ever undertaken, monitored over 500,000 people for almost 15 years. There findings are unmistakable evidence that eating meat and dairy products are clearly a destructive form of behavior and will eventually destroy your health and kill you.

Investigate for yourself. Don't trust most doctors, politicians, educators, anyone in corporate America or any official in the U.S. Government. Do the research yourself. Seek the counsel of a multitude of folks who are not being paid to lie.

The more well informed people are switching from an animal based diet to a plant based diet. In doing so, many of their clogged blood vessels begin to clear up and their bodies begin to grow healthier and healthier. In addition to getting away from meat and dairy consumption, the more well informed people are drinking a gallon of distilled water every day which dramatically cleans the body, removing that nasty fat buildup in your blood vessels, thereby quickly restoring the body back to excellent health. Take charge of your own health and start today, right now.






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    • ptosis profile image


      11 months ago from Arizona

      Perhaps it's how the food is processed in advanced economies that adds to health problems. Emerging economies eat less processed food. Pasteurized milk changes the lactase to lactose. The Paleo diet is eating unprocessed foods.

      1911 Crisco invented partially hydrogenated cotton seed oil. One day in Honolulu, I see a 'partially hydrogenated-free' Crisco. It was fully hydrogenated which is as hard as a rock mixed with regular oil. It's a way to get around the law in NYC that banned partially hydrogenated oil so fully hydrogenated oils are now mixed with regular oils. Took McDonald's 3 years to perfect the formula for their fries.

      1908, MSG, is in everything - even a can of tuna under 'vegetable broth'.

      "Early puberty has been linked to eating too much red meat, fluoride exposure and hormone-disrupting chemicals and childhood obesity." -

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      11 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      Me again lol

      Something interesting is happening. I know a little about the Innuit people. In the past decade they have made a bigger splash in the news than in the years before. I actually watched a short documentary about their way of life, two weeks ago: hunting, traditions, what they eat, etc. It was awesome to see how they explained the details about them eating raw seal meat. The kids are given it as well and one lady was showing a photograph of her little boy with blood all over his face (from eating raw meat). She mentioned how this photograph in another context, or perhaps in another region in Canada, would create panic and fear in people but for them, it was a moment of happiness.

      Anyway,I don;t know much about Eskimos so, after your comment, I searched to find "life expectancy statistics" on Eskimos. Well, I did not find any credible sources. Mind You, I only searched for like five minutes. What I did find though, is your quote from Mr. McDougall.

      His piece talks about "Early reports" but he only linked one study from 1975. So, it's not reports but a report and I looked at that report and there are no life expectancy statistics - none whatsoever. Not a very credible situation here lol

      This (lack of statistics) may seem to be the case because with people of the First Nations who live in remote areas, there are hardly any statistics available. The Eskimos live in Siberia, Russia (not many people will venture that far for statistics), in Greenland (which is mainly an island composed of ice) and in Canada but here in Canada we don;t seem to have any statistics either. At this point, I will write to the Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs because I am curious and interested.

      Thanks for the discussion though - I appreciate it and if You find and actual statistics, please let me know.

      All the best!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      11 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      Statistics Canada has information. This is our government agency dealing with statistics.

      "The Statistics Canada work compared life expectancy and cause of death data for the Inuit Nunangat area and the rest of the country from 1989 to 2008.

      It found that life expectancy among people who live in the Inuit regions rose over the period.

      Male life expectancy rose to 67.7 years from 63.5 years; among women, life expectancy rose to 72.8 years from 71.1 years

      But in the rest of Canada, male life expectancy rose to 77.5 years from 74.1 years and among females it rose to 81.3 years from 79.7 years.

      Among Inuit men, the main reason for the lower life expectancy was injury, particularly self-inflicted injury among males aged 15 to 24.

      Among Inuit women, the gap in life expectancy was attributed to cancers and respiratory diseases, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease."

      Sorry to be brief but I gotta run. We can certainly continue the conversation. Cheers!

    • bwinwright profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Winship Wright 

      11 months ago from Marietta, Georgia

      Deny, I did a little research on the Eskimo people like you suggested. I found one of my original sources, Dr. John McDougall, an expert in nutritional biochemistry, had done the research on Eskimos already. He found that their almost purely meat diet consisting of whale, fish, elk, bear, etc. does cause them health problems. He said that very few Eskimos live past the age of 60, that the heavy meat diet leads to osteoporosis or the weakening of the bones. The acid created from processing meat has to be offset by the calcium in our bones, thereby eating away at our bone structure. While Eskimos live in a very harsh environment and eat only meat, primarily, this does have an adverse effect on their health and shortens their lifespan.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      11 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      I'm going to start my comment here with an Oscar Wilde quote: "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Let's keep that in mind, while we go on.

      "Don't fall for that lie that eating meat and dairy are necessary to provide you with the necessary proteins and nutrients you need for strong muscles and bones." - Sure, one can get all their nutrients from fruits and vegetables. It is possible. Is it possible for everyone? No, it is not.

      I encourage You to do a little research on First Nation people: Inuit and Eskimos, to be precise. They live in the land of snow and ice (up north that is) and they do not have the luxury of having fruits and vegetables growing in their back yard. Avocados and bananas don't grow out of ice, or snow. These people though, have survived for thousands of years mainly on a diet of meat. There is no other way up there. So, if You live in India, or California, sure go vegetarian, or vegan. With an abundance of fruits and vegetables that can certainly work. For some of us though, people who live further north, we need to eat meat. To survive frigid temperatures, it is actually wise to eat game meat, not just any meat. So, that would be: moose, elk, bear, deer, etc.

      "Remember folks, sick people are big business." - For sure! That's why I don't trust doctors much: they get paid per visit. Thus, their incentive is not to completely heal You. They just need to patch You up enough that You can show-up for the next appointment.

      My advice is to: know thyself! Second advice is to eat local foods. If I keep eating bananas and avocados (since I already used these as examples), that doesn't help. Those need to be flown across the world, driven in trucks, held under heat lamps, etc. All that gasoline and energy used for me to eat one banana ... not environmentally friendly at all.

      On a personal note, I need meat and I also need my four litres of goat milk every two to three days. You know, some of my ancestors' diet contained just milk products and honey - that's it.

      To each their own but of course, it is important to keep in mind what You are putting in your body. The real Medicine is Food. Thus, if one is eating meat from animals that were pumped with antibiotics, or eating vegetables that are full of pesticide, that is not good at all. It is not good for the animals, the environment and it is not good for our bodies either.

      I appreciate your concerns and thank You for putting-out this piece of writing. This is a discussion we need to have still.

      All the best!


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