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Use an Egg Poacher for Poached Egg Perfection

Updated on December 15, 2010

Egg Poacher in a Pod

Egg Poachers

An Egg poacher is a piece of cookware that is, simply put, used for egg poaching. This apparatus can be used for making crispy and evenly shaped eggs. Similar to egg rings they're very useful for those who poach their eggs on a regular basis, but come in very handy and can be easily handled by anyone - even a novice cook.

Eggs are a top choice for nutrition no matter who you are, as they're very healthy with rich protein and vitamin content. And to further promote healthy eating, poaching requires no use of butter or oil. Simply cook with boiling water till they reach a solid state. Depending on your personal preference, you may want to leave the yolk runny. However, it's recommended that it be cooked completely...for safety's sake. Add a little salt and pepper, and you have a healthy, easy, and delicious meal.

Many prefer to have eggs for breakfast, ingesting high protein content to start their day off right, and particularly poached eggs are ideal - as mentioned they aren't fried, and won't leave you in a food coma before work. Though it can be boiled in an open pan, it is better to use an egg poacher, as the process will be neat and it will get cooked evenly.

Employing one of these handy tools will ensure evenly shaped, crisped poached eggs every time. They're available in all kitchen supply stores, and there are many different types of egg poachers, including electric, silicon coated, stainless steel, microwave and nonstick. They're easy to handle and cooking is done evenly with this apparatus.

An electric egg poacher is nothing but a plug-in device that has separate slots for eggs, sitting above a water reservoir. There are also egg poaching inserts for saucepans for people who don't really go for the electric ones.

Egg poachers wit handles are often preferred, as it gives your full control. This makes it convenient to handle them. There are also feed holes on top of the poacher that enable the adding of water whenever needed. It's made up of naturally durable material. These egg poachers come in various shapes and sizes. Made up of non-stick material, they can be used as a frying pan and sauté pan as well.

How to poach an egg

Apart from the normal egg poachers, there are a lot of varieties of electric egg poachers. These are very fast and are easier to handle. They aren't as messy as the normal ones, and as they're typically made of better material, they transmit heat very evenly. There are also microwave egg poachers. These are designed so as to pierce the egg that is, both the outer white layer as well as the yolk. This avoids the often inevitable spilling and spattering of the process. The microwave variety are made of thick, sturdy and heavy plastic material.

  • Using the poacher is simple and one can get perfect with the usage by keeping few steps in mind.
  • Firstly, fill up the saucepan to 2/3 water. Add a little milk to make it fluffier.
  • Then, I recommend adding a little vinegar. This is not a compulsory ingredient. But, adding this will help in keeping the shape. It will make it appear like a perfectly poached egg is supposed to be.
  • The next step is to break the egg into a bowl or any other suitable dish.
  • Then, the water boiling should be spinned to cool down, before the cracked egg is added to it. However, it need not be spinned down when multiple eggs have to be poached.
  • After the egg is added, the saucepan is covered so that it gets cooked quicker without steam escaping from it.
  • Now, it will take 3 to 4 minutes for the egg to get poached. It should then be removed carefully from the egg poacher and transferred to a plate.

Thus, these are devices that make cooking eggs very quick and easy, offering convenience in cooking breakfast. One could choose any of the types of egg poachers based on the need and affordability.

How to use silicone egg poachers


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