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Egg Tortilla

Updated on July 11, 2006

A quick easy meal

    If you are one of those type of people who hate cooking and would rather warm something up then actually cook something. Well I have a quick and easy meal for you that only takes about 10 minutes to make on the stove and anyone can do it. I started making these in 1st grade. Egg Tortillas are basically what they sound like. It's a tortilla....with an egg cooked on top of it. I recommend using the regular size flour tortillas because they are the perfect size for eating. All you need is a pan to fit it in, 2 eggs, butter or some sort of none stick substance and whatever ingrediants you wish to put on it.

    First put a little bit of butter or other none stick substance on the pan and let it melt. Drop the tortilla on the pan and keep the fire pretty low just to warm it up. Get your two eggs and break them open and drop the in the goods onto the tortilla. Scramble them up a little bit (if you wish, if you don't they may break the yokes when flipping). Add whatever ingrediants you wish to add. I recommend adding salt, pepper, granulated garlic powder, and a little bit of paprika. If you are going to add cheese, or a meat you should do it now because we are going to flip it and finish cooking it. After the egg and tortilla have warmed for a minute or two together get a flat spatula and scoop under the tortilla and flip it over onto the egg side. Sometimes the egg will run off but thats ok because if you applied a none stick surface to the pan, the egg will stick to the tortilla rather then the pan when it starts to cook. After you flip it turn the heat up to about low-medium.  Let the egg finish cooking all the way through, once it's finished just flip it over and let the tortilla cook a little bit if you wish. I like to get them a little bit brown but not burned. After its all cooked just put it on a plate, add whatever you want to it like salsa or ketchup and you're done. You now know how to make a quick and easy meal consisting of two main things. 


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    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 10 years ago from Around the USA

      This sounds delicious and easy- just my type of recipe.