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What do you do with the end slices of processed bread

Updated on June 27, 2008

Pascal Schalke from London wrote to Metro newspaper, and asked that how do other people do with those annoying, huge end slices that you often find on processed bread. There might be some exaggeration in his comments that he said these two end slices are so thick they can account for a quarter of a loaf, but they are really too thick to squeeze into my little tiny toaster. I have to push it in, and pull it out with the help of a knife or other tools.


My wife always complains that I leave the end slices for her, If I leave the last slice for her, I may have excuses such as that I need two piece, and there are only three pieces left include the last slice. But how can I make an excuse for a bag of new bread. I took the second piece instead of the BREAD CAP because it's impossible for me to fit this thick BREAD CAP into the tiny toast. My daughter never eats the edges of a toast, not mention those thick end slices. But I hate wasting food, too, so we sometimes save them to feed ducks or pigeons who live in Derwent river park outside the City council.

I have asked one of my friends who lives in Derry in Northern Ireland. He said he never eat the BREAD HEEL, he fought for it as kids, but now he feed to birds who come daily to visit his garden or even bin. He said: "Sometimes you have to spoil yourself a little. "

Its really funny he called both end slices heels. In Chinese we call the top end slice BREAD CAP, but the bottom end slice BREAD FOOT. It's said that there is a term in English - 'upper crust' - which is a reference to the more aristocratic members of society. Centuries ago, at mealtimes, when a new loaf was taken from the oven, the first slice from the top of the loaf (not the ends) was given to the person of the highest social standing (it was considered to be the best piece of the bread) and that person was called 'upper crust'. There is upper crust and bottom crust and side crust of a pack of processed bread, although they're not thick, but to my daughter, they're all bread edges should be left on the plate. Some people likes to eat the upper crust, which is just taken out from oven, very hot and with butter on it.


So, how do you guys do with the end slices (CAP, HEEL, UPPER CRUST OR END BIT) normally found on a processed bread?


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 9 years ago from America

      I make bread pudding with it or any left over bread, biscuts, and sweet rolls.