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Energy Drink Review: Monster Rehab Tea + lemonade

Updated on March 10, 2012

Well guys its time for another drink review, not quite as late this time, but this time I will be reviewing the Monster Rehab Tea +Lemonade. Now the first thing that came to mind here was Arnold Palmer Half tea half lemonade which I do enjoy quite a lot, so I was fairly excited to get my hands on this one. Being that I was a huge fan of the Rojo tea rehab I was looking forward to try this one, and I found it at the first gas station I hit, so continuing the trend, the tea + lemonade seems to be fairly common. So the question here is will the tea plus lemonade dethrone the Rojo tea as my current favorite from Monster, or will it let me down.

First off let's touch on the appearance of the can. It follows the standard Monster energy can design with the M logo and color surrounding it, this time the color is yellow and it mixes well with the black can. I don't like this quite as much as the red and black combo but it still scores high with me 9/10. So far so good.

Now because this is a tea + lemonade my brain is automatically comparing it to the Arnold Palmer, and I'm really hoping it doesn't disappoint me because that is something I tend to drink a lot of. After cracking the can open, I noticed a familiar smell that made me happy, it did smell very similar to the Arnold Palmer, albeit with the smell of energy drink with it, which was somewhat expected and isn't a bad thing. Monster did fairly well with this one and matched the Arnold Palmer pretty well, it's a little heavy on your fake sugars but lets face it 99% of the energy drinks on the market seem to be, and it didn't really bother me at all. I enjoyed this one quite a lot, not quite as much as the Rojo tea, but still enough to give it a very high mark. 9/10 for taste and it might actually replace my Arnold Palmers for a little while at least when I also need an energy drink.

It seems to deliver a pretty standard energy drink kick, which if you've read any of my previous reviews you'll know that doesn't really do a whole lot to me so I can't say all that much about it. You should get a standard 3 to 4 hours out of a can and since its like the Rojo tea it shouldn't completely ruin your day after it wears off. 8/10 for decent kick and no noticeable after effect.

This drink, like all of the drinks in the Rehab series, have only 20 calories per can, aside of the protein one but that seems to be an entirely different beast all together and I may or may not be able to force that one down at a later date. Its nice to find a series of drinks that are low calorie and DON'T taste like complete shit. I just want to praise Monster for this because for the most part low cal versions of things are horrible and these are shaping up to be my favorite energy drinks.

While not quite as good as the Rojo tea, this one is still definitely a good drink and one I feel like I will enjoy for a long time. The Monster Rehab series is really impressing me and I have high hopes for the rest of them, aside of the protein one, but again...different beast altogether...I'm going to give the Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade an 8/10 and suggest all fans of the Arnold Palmer give this one a look. Next time I'll have the Green Tea Rehab, and green tea and I have a bit of a rough history together so that should be fun.


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