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Enjoy DennyMike's Barbecue Sauces and Rubs

Updated on March 13, 2011

Are you a fan of out-of-this world barbecue? Are you the king or queen of the grill around your castle? If you can answer yes to one or both of these questions, you've got to try one (or more!) of the delicious DennyMike's barbecue sauce or rub flavors.

Barbecue Sauce and Rub Flavors

No matter what kind of barbecue sauces or rubs you prefer, or how you like to prepare your barbecue, you can bet that there'll be several items in the DennyMike's line that you'll likely fall in love with.

There are four varieties of DennyMike's barbecue sauce.

  • Carolina Style
  • Hot 'N Nasty
  • Mesquit-O Madness
  • Sweet 'N Spicy

There are five tasty rubs in the DennyMike's line.

  • Chick Magnet (delicious poultry rub)
  • Cow Bell Hell (ideal flavoring for beef and other meats)
  • Fin Tastic (for most kinds of seafodd)
  • Pixie Dust (for just about any kind of meat)
    Sublime Swine (seasons all types of pork)

Recognition for DennyMike's

Created by Dennis M. ( aka "DennyMike”) Sherman, these sauces and rubs are truly out of this world. This product line offers truly delicious flavor, and has the awards and recognition to back up the claim. Five DennyMike's products won Awards of Excellence at the 2009 National Barbecue Association’s (NBBQA) Conference & Expo, which is one of the most prestigious events for world class barbecue.

Being recognized at the annual NBBQA event is no small feat. Winning one award is a major accomplishment --- and five is a phenomenal feat. Each year, there are hundreds of entries, each of which is evaluated by a panel of more than 60 judges via a blind taste test.

After receiving recognition at the 2009 NBBQA event, Sherman said, “I have so much respect for the barbecue pros I was competing against at the NBBQA event. These folks are genuinely considered craftsmen in barbecue circles around the country." He continued, "Barbecue has been my passion for decades now, so you can’t imagine how great it was for me to be included in their company on the medals stand.”

What Makes DennyMike's Special?

It's a fact that "mass produced" is not a phrase that describes DennyMike's sauces or rubs. Each item in the product line is hand makd, created in small batches using all natural ingredients of only the highest quality. Each product is carefully crafted, with every recipe being taste-tested and tweaked until it's absolutely perfect prior to being finalized for production. Additionally, each product in the DennyMike's product line is gluten free.

Where to Find DennyMike's

If you're ready to find out just what all the fuss over DennyMike's barbecue sauces and rubs is all about, it's time to try a few of the products for yourself. Whatever you try is sure to become a favorite in no time at all! You can order individual products and gift sets online at

Additionally, the product line is available at a number of supermarkets and specialty retailers, including many Whole Foods and Cabela's locations. Once you take a taste of delicious barbecues made with one of these fabulous condiments, you'll probably be set to become a DennyMike's fan for life!


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