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Enjoy Loose Leaf Tea with Steepware from TeaSpot

Updated on July 18, 2008

If you're a tea lover, there probably isn't much you enjoy more than a cup of freshly brewed, loose leaf tea. However, there's a good chance that you drink tea brewed using tea bags more often than you take the time to make a fresh cup of loose leaf tea, just because it's easier and faster. The good news is that brewing loose leaf tea doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult.

If you enjoy delicious, freshly brewed loose leaf tea, you'll be excited to learn about the TeaSpot Steepware product line. With Steepware, you can easily enjoy delicious, gourmet loose leaf tea any time you want, with no muss or fuss. The Steepware line of products includes steeping cups, steeping mugs, and an automatic teapot that make brewing delicious gourmet tea so simple and easy that you can enjoy it at home every day, or anytime you choose.

Steepware Automatic Teapot

This unique gadget, which is the first automatic teapot in the world, allows tea lovers to prepare full pots of delicious tea in very little time. You'll be able to make 20 ounces of tea at one time when using the Steepware automatic teapot. It works with both loose tea and bagged tea.

The Steepware automatic teapot has an integrated timer that makes sure the tea leaves are removed from the brewed tea as soon as it is perfectly steeped. When you use the automatic teapot, you can select the brewing setting that corresponds with the particular type of tea you're brewing. Or, if you prefer, you can set the pot to brew for a specific period of time.

Steeping Cup and Steeping Mug

If you'd rather brew one cup or mug of tea than a whole pot, you may find Steepware's steeping cup or steeping mug to be the perfect addition to your kitchen. The steeping mug is 16 ounces and the cup is 8 ounces. Both vessels are dishwasher safe. Both the steeping cup and the steeping mug includes a cup, a lid, and an infuser.

To use the Steepware steeping mug or steeping cup, you'll simply need to place your favorite loose leaf tea in the infuser, add hot water, place the lid on top, and allow the tea to steep for the length of time recommended for the particular type of tea you are brewing. When you're finished, you'll remove the lid, take out the infuser, and enjoy a delicious cup of freshly brewed tea.


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  • monitor profile image

    monitor 9 years ago from The world.

    MGwhite, I have never heard of tea steeping cups before. They are exactly what one needs for the single cup of steeped tea. No more waste. I am going to get one.

    Your fan.