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Kabuto Japenese Steakhouse: Excellent Japanese Hibachi Grill in Indianapolis

Updated on October 2, 2010

My husband and I have always enjoyed dining out. When we were new to Indianapolis, we at first tried to correct some of our worse "eating out" habits, but living with room mates made eating at home unpleasant, and we soon began to seek out some of the interesting "local" places. It was due to this search that we discovered Kabuto, a Japanese Steakhouse in Greenwood, Indiana. I have always been a fan of Japanese food and I have, in the past, enjoyed eating at a Teppanyaki table.

I was, needless to say, anxious to see what the experience would be like at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse!

Kabuto Japenese Steakhouse
Kabuto Japenese Steakhouse

Entertainment and Great Hibachi!

Our first experience with Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse was excellent. Our chef was Charlie and he was magnificent! The man truly has an entertaining way about him, and is an all-around great person to talk to and to get to know as well!

Charlie not only cooked out food for us, but he entertained us in the process, putting on a show with his implements and with the fire on the grill. He has a genuine smile and seems to truly love his job. He remembers his regular customers and asks them questions relevant to their own interests.

And he's an awesome chef!

The Menu at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse

As I've previously stated, the food is excellent. I have tried almost everything on the hibachi menu and it is more than worth the price marked on the menu.

I like to ask which chef is going to be serving us before ordering, though I sometimes forget or can't get a straight answer (and the waiter/waitress doesn't always know). Each chef has his or her own "speciality" -- something that he does better than the others. You can't go wrong, however, with the shrimp or the filet mignon, if those two items happen to suit your tastes!

Each of the main hibachi items is served with fried rice (made with eggs and corn) and vegetables (Zuccini, Onions and Mushrooms plus Carrots and Broccoli for Dinner). Yakisoba is served with the noodles and vegetables plus the meat included in the yakisoba.

Appetizers and cooked and raw fish sushi are also both available plus desserts are also served.

Hibachi at a Teppanyaki Table
Hibachi at a Teppanyaki Table

Communal Dining at a Teppanyaki Table

When you choose to dine at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse, you will wait to be seated at a communal table. If you have only one or two people in your party, you will be dining with several complete strangers. This can be quite an enjoyable way to eat as you have the potential to meet new people and possibly make some friends. Regulars (like us) can help you to decipher some of the items on the menu and to decide what is the best meal for you to order.

The meal will be cooked right in front of you by the chef who is next "in line" unless a particular chef has been requested by someone at the table.

Prices at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse

I have eaten at several similar establishments and have discovered that often, Hibachi grills can be expensive places to dine! In one case my husband and I paid over $30 each just for chicken and fried rice. While the portions were quite large, the cost was also quite high. Not so at Kabuto.

Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse provides quality food in large portions at a price that won't break the bank. For Hibachi meals during the lunch hour, you can expect to pay between $6 and $15 for an adult meal. In the evenings, you will pay between $11 and $30 for an adult meal (the top end includes lobster!).

The food is well worth the cost and the experience is fantastic! If you haven't yet tried this spectacular steakhouse, now is the time!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      kABUTO'S really is the best Japanese food you can get in the area. The ginger and white sauce just make it what it is. Thanks for posting this (although now I have to drive down from Noblesville to have some for lunch!)

    • profile image

      Terry Smith 

      8 years ago

      I also love eating at a teppanyaki with the chefs cooking in front of you - it's a great environment. Thanks for the write up I'm going to try this when I'm in the area.

    • Everyday Miracles profile imageAUTHOR

      Becki Rizzuti 

      9 years ago from Indiana, USA

      This place has awsome prices, Susan! I'm hoping that I can get some good pictures this weekend and update the hub. Depends whether or not Charlie will let me. He's hesitated before :(

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 

      9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Too bad I live so far away :) I love eating at a Teppanyaki table, it is always so much fun...


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