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Farm Emergencies! Help Is Needed!

Updated on July 12, 2011

The Cows and their Dad

Here they are watching their Dad!
Here they are watching their Dad!
She's a little cutie!
She's a little cutie!
The Farmer and his Cow.
The Farmer and his Cow.

Farms: Victims of the Financial collapse

Attention All Farmers!

We need your help! We need Fellow Cattle Farmers to Stand Up and Defend!

Emergency Farm Alert!

We have a situation with a prospective farm who wishes to join the congregation. I have some questions that I'd like to present. Along with assistance/feedback from other farmers

A Farm with 14-20 cows has been trespassed onto by the alleged "animal police". All of the cows have been absconded by these tyrants. On the police report there is evidence that they introduced a bribe, and or extortion. The owner of the farm was previously left by the significant other abruptly, offering no help with the situation that was already starting to overwhelm them financially.

The other left, and did not speak to the Farm owner for several months. The farm owner was left in a position to deal with this alone. He is disabled, without any steady income, and on ssi. He is unable to handle this situation, anyone examining it would conclude the same thing. The person who left owns the cows, and abandoned them. With no communication from that point.

The farm owner utilized these cattle for food each year, for as long as his history there shows. Which is a very long time. Since the collapse of the economy, he no longer has any business coming in from his other business, that supported him for the past 20 yrs. very well I might add.

Now that his business has abruptly ceased, what are his options? He's now being charged with animal neglect, and facing jail time. The animal police had no legal juristiction to trespass onto an official farm. They tried to bribe him into giving them the cows without any possibility of prosecution, and they caused the cows to run into one of his houses on the property, (because they were chasing them for capture, and seizure), and proceeded to destroy the entire interior of the home, and everything in it. Stampeded to bits, and pieces.

To top that they missed one cow, and just left it stranded somewhere, and she was nursing. Two of the cows were nursing 5 babies at once, and they have 50 acres to graze upon freely. Some looked thin, but they were all having babies, nursing and living quite a comfy life. Compared to the caged, and lined up for slaughter. These were organic cows, and now they are completely contaminated.

What I find terrible is that here's a man left holding the bag for another persons actions. That's the first thing that bothers me. The second thing that bothers me is that he's disabled, he's on a fixed income, and the other person (who left) was the main support for the cows. The third thing that's bothering me is that none of these authorities are looking at the facts.

How long would it take for cows to become thin? According to Farming standards.

My second question would be: What are the resources offered to farms in need? as if we were to turn a blinds eye to what's happening to farms all over!

Did anyone inquire as to why this man may be having problems? Is it not possible to be caught up in a situation completely beyond your control? He was left in an involuntary situation, with no way out, and not one of these so called caring people offered any type of help.

They took pictures of the cows, but focused only on the nursing thin ones in the report. Publicly sending them all over.

Who's fault is it, really? Is there a fault? Well yes there is, and most of the consequences to this fault are the direct result of the huge pyramid scheme all of us are victims of. This man is collateral damage of the brokers, the bankers, the investors that took down our market. This farm is a prime example of 'who" is being destroyed, and completely wiped out. Wrongfully so, and victimized 10 times over.

This man is being harassed, publicly humiliated, slandered, and falsely accused of things his history proves otherwise. Yet none of this is even in consideration. His long term reputation is being damaged. His ability to operate anything or any business has been halted, involuntarily, and is unwarranted. Actions against him are frivolous, and malicious, not to mention they have taken all his food for the next 10 years!

They have now tainted, and contaminated them with drugs, grain (they don't normally eat) and traumatized them by absconding them. They have never been drugged, removed from the farm, given anything but a particular hay, and free to graze a big property. They're Irish Dexter Cows.

Firstly, they are out of juristiction which would enable an Attorney to get the case thrown out probably.

Secondly they did not respect the cows at all by contaminating them. The Organic Farmers Assoc. would have something to say about that, I'm sure. They put in writing, (I saw the police report) they would not charge anyone with anything if the cows are given to them. Which according to my experience is not allowed.

Third: The people who did this, have zero experience with cows in general. they are Horse people, and know nothing about cows, or this particular breed. In there reports, they describe what they are doing, and unfortunately it's all wrong according to this breed, the organic factor, and the feeding structure. Which is actually available to everyone online.

While all this was going on the township was busy finding ways to fine this man. If you can believe this or not. So because these maniacs trespass onto this farm, invading the space of these cows...what happens?... they scatter, they run, they try to hide, like any animal would do, if they're being chased by strangers. Because of that factor, these tyrants caused the cows to run all over, and whamo the township slammed the farm owner with $3600.00 in fines!

The farm owner just had a second balloon put into his heart. The first was in January 09. We believe the reason he had this second heart problem, (needing immediate surgery) is because of this trauma they forced on him... It happened 2 days later, after they took his cows.

I would really appreciate some feed back on this. People need to let us know how they feel about what these so called authorities are doing to people, and animals!

The owner of the farm has agreed to let us take over the farm. We'll update this as we progress. I'm looking forward to hearing how people feel about this situation.

Rev. HP D

Your input, help, or services are greatly appreciated. We are a Religious Congregation who helps Farmers. We hope you will feel the same way.

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    • BrainFire profile image

      BrainFire 7 years ago from The Island

      This is a Current situation going on right now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks:)