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2016 Fast Food Trends to Beware

Updated on March 13, 2016

Halfway through 2016, quick-service restaurants and fast food chains have been promoting and increasing sales with many of the same trends. While these trends are increasing, many of them move us away from our goals of healthy eating. Here are a few menu items that have sold well in 2016 and may continue through the remainder of the year. Beware!

Flavor kicks

After noticing their menus needed a kick, fast food restaurants have added some spice to their menus by expanding regular menu options with a little added flavor. Wendy’s has a spicy version of its chicken nuggets and Taco Bell is experiencing a successful campaign with Doritos-flavored tacos. Quick-service restaurants are adding more sophisticated dipping sauce options to add to their menus. Although they can be very tasty, be weary of these flavor kicks because they can be high in sodium.

Oreos-based desserts

Perhaps we were introduced to the potential of Oreos to invade our quick-service menus back when McDonalds added them to McFlurries. Many other have recognized the potential of Oreos—now Dairy Queen, Carl’s Jr., Cold Stone Creamery, and Wendy’s have joined the bandwagon of providing a dessert with Oreo cookies as the central focus. One serving of Oreos, which amounts to three cookies, makes up 160 calories, 160mg in sodium, and 14g of sugar. This does not include the ice cream it will be served with.

Portable mini foods

There are few fast food restaurants today that don’t have a small-sized menu option. The more popular the small food size becomes, the more varied foods become. Consumers can order anything from small burgers to pancake-sausage blends. Whether it’s for snacking purposes or rationing control, quick-service restaurants are providing mini foods for consumers often referred to as “bites.” Bite-sized foods often contain similar nutrition facts as its regular sized competitors. If fast food is a must, use the “bites” size to help with rationing while indulging.

In addition to these, specialty beverages and sweet potato sides continue to make waves with the fast food restaurants. Healthy options are available in fast food places. Be on the lookout for more to come!

Get your stuff unstuck from those pesky snack machines with the spinning spring things.

  1. Purchase something.
  2. Watch it get stuck.
  3. Curse loudly (optional)
  4. If you want, go ask someone who works at the place if you can have some money to get it unstuck. This gets you 2X the candy for the price of one.
  5. Place one or both hands on the front of the machine at the top.
  6. Push back on the top so that the front legs of the machine are lifted.
  7. Let the machine fall back onto its legs.
  8. Get out of the way should the machine fall forward.
  9. Your item should fall free; if it doesn't, repeat the above.
  10. Run away from the scene if the machine falls forward.


  • Just tilt the machine about an inch or two
  • If that doesn't work, try waiting until somebody buys something above yours, it might fall onto it and knock it down
  • These instructions as currently described are highly dangerous to try. Vending machines have fallen and injured people attempting this.
  • The machines are a bit heavy
  • The machines can fall on people
  • Schools are likely to punish you severely for trying this with their vending machines
  • About 3 people die Every Year from vending machines. Don't be one of em.


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    • gonews profile image

      Marissa Huff 22 months ago from NY

      yes i agree with you .. thanks for the comment peachy..

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 22 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      lots of fast food are coming in these days, not healthy as i thought