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Ferrero, Italian chocolates at the best

Updated on August 22, 2009

A history of chocolate making that continues to thrive.


It was 1946, when Italy was still recovering from war and among the anguished state of mind that afflicted most countries post-war, sweetness began to prevail. This was thanks to confectioner Pietro Ferrero who founded near Turin, just north of Italy, his first business as a family owned chocolate producing plant.

Pietro Ferrero aimed to produce chocolates at their highest level of quality, at affordable prices through modern means. He knew that cost was a major concern in those post war years so he tried hard to make sweets more affordable to the public without sacrificing quality.

His first product produced was what he called "Pasta gianduia". It consisted of a creamy spread made from mixing hazelnuts and cocoa. Sounds familiar? Well, this was ultimately what he decided to call Nutella afterward, the most famous sweet spread of the world. Italian families were spreading it over bread for their children's breakfast and the children finally ate their bread eagerly.

After Pietro Ferrero's death his son Michele, took over and worked hard on making Ferrero known better around the world. He founded Ferrero Usa, Ferrero Canada, Ferrero Australia, Ferrero Ecuador, Ferrero Brazil, Ferrero Japan, and Ferrero Puerto Rico.

Ferrero Usa, was founded in 1969, in New York City. The first products to be introduced were the tiny breath mints "TicTacs". These colorful mints were produced in different flavors and were easy to spot at most supermarket's check out aisles. Afterward, chocolate Ferrero Rocher were introduced and were greeted with success.

Ferrero Rocher are unique pralines, they are wrapped in golden distinct wrappers that make them already an appealing gift for any occasion. Then add that their flavor and crunch is to die for. The first layer is luscious milk chocolate with crunchy bits of hazelnuts, followed by crisp wafer, then creamy chocolate that encloses the "heart" which consists of a whole roasted hazelnut. There are not many chocolates out there that beat this one as far as taste and originality.

Another famous product produced by Ferrero, are Mon Cheri. Now, be aware about this one. If you think it is similar to a cordial cherry chocolate, think twice before you bite into it. Mon Cheri are chocolates filled with real authentic,liquor so consider this before eating too many! After biting into the delicious milk chocolate, the liquor will expand into your mouth and then you will be left with the cherrie's candied sweetness.

Pocket coffee is a great solution for drowsy people that do not agree with mornings. The name says it all, it is a pocketful of coffee. Great fine chocolate envelops a real shot of espresso awaiting to awaken your senses. You may ask yourself how you lived without them once you try them. Take them with you at work ro rescue those mid morning and early afternoon siesta moments.

Kinder chocolates were created for children. They make a great snack to add to their lunch bag while providing, milk fillings, hazelnut fillings or even cereals. The recently produced Happy Hippos are fun hippos made of wafer filled with creamy chocolate hazelnut creams. Children love them for thier shape. Once again, a great source of originality!

Ferrero Rondnoir is a dark chocolate praline. As Ferrero Rocher it is composed of layers. First comes fine chocolate, then comes a crisp wafer, then dark chocolate cream and finally a "heart" composed by a black pearl made of the finest chocolate.

If Rondnoir is for the dark chocolate lover, Raffaello is the angelic version for the coconut lovers. It consists of a wafer covered in crispy coconut flakes enveloping a luscious creamy almond coconut cream. I gave these once as a present to a friend who was allergic to chocolate because this praline has no chocolate in it. She literally loved them!

Today Ferrero still continues to produce high quality chocolates that are greatly appreciated worldwide. It is still ran by Ferrero family members which have faithfully continued to stick with the good old traditions. As the Ferrero family members continue to work hard striving to make the best confectionary, it is not surprising to learn that Ferrero is today one of the largest confectionery companies of the world.

Kinder Chocolate Review

''Kinder'' is the German word for ''children'' and what better name could be coined for a chocolate product that seems to be created just for the joy and happiness of the little ones!  Manufactured by the Italian chocolate manufacturer Ferrero, Kinder has catered to the sweet  teeth of many European children for several generations.

Having lived in Italy for a good part of my childhood, I can state that I was happily raised as well among Kinder chocolates. Each day for my school lunch break my mother stuffed my school back pack with a different Kinder snack each day. Indeed, one of the greatest advantages of Kinder chocolates is that Ferrero created quite a wide array of chocolate snacks for all the children's and grown up'sdelight.

Kinder Surprise

This was very likely my childhood favorite. It consists of a hollow egg made of a layer of velvety milk chocolate and a layer of luscious white chocolate. Inside the egg is a yellow -orange capsule which contains a surprise that often consists of a toy to assemble. A little leaflet is inside as well with instructions on how to assemble the toy. These surprises were collected by most of my classmates back at that time, so they were often exchanged among us with anticipation. Today, Kinder toys are still collected by many.

Kinder Happy Hippo

This snack is appreciated the most by small children which rejoice when they see how this snack is shaped. Indeed, this snack features the shape of hippo made out of a crisp wafer filled with creamy fillings. The fillings may consist of either  white chocolate and hazelnut filling or out of chocolate filling. They both share the fact of being great tasting and fun to eat.

Kinder Bueno

This chocolate was mostly advertised for adults looking for a light snack. It consists of two finger like wafer bars filled with a great tasting hazelnut filling.

Kinder Country Crisp

This delicacy combines crisp pieces of cereal with puffed grain along with Kinder's signature velvety milk chocolate.

Kinder chocolate may be quite difficult to purchase abroad, however some stores that specialize in importing foods from foreign countries may carry some Ferrero products. If you are fortunate enough to visit Europe, you will most likely find Kinder products in Italy and Germany displayed in stores and at their check out counters. They are certainly worth a try because they can be quite unique when compared to other chocolate snacks.


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    • alexadry profile imageAUTHOR

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 

      10 years ago from USA

      That was my original objective :)

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 

      10 years ago from Portugal

      Now what!? Now I just have to go out and find some Ferrero Rocher because of this hub! :D

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      What a yummy article for chocolate lovers around the world!

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 

      10 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Beautiful chocs. I love them. thanks for that information


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