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Filipino Pork and Chicken Adobo Sauce Recipe: Food Fit for the Gods

Updated on November 15, 2017

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My lovely wife is from the Philippines, and this old boy from southern Illinois had to learn to eat a lot of strange food over the past 43 years that I had never dreamed existed.

Some of it I don't even want to think about. :)

But some of it is fit for the Gods themselves.

Filipino cooking doesn't have the proper respect that it should... so here's a recipe that deserves to be on everyone's plate at least once a month (or even every week) - and it's as easy as can be.

The leftovers are just as good, if not better, so make plenty.

The dish is Pork Adobo, which can also be made with chicken if you prefer. The name is Spanish, but that's about all. It's the national dish of the P.I., and like chili, there are hundreds of ways to make it, each one good in it's own way.

Here's our quick and easy way.

Start with about two pounds of pork. You want the meat to be in chunks about an inch square or so. "Country ribs" are great at it because they come almost perfectly sized to begin with. Don't use the really good loin meat because it's too dry. You want something with a bit of fat attached to it. A pork shoulder or butt is perfect.

Put the meat in a five quart pan or something big enough to easily fit.

Cover the meat about two thirds up with equal amounts of cider vinegar and Kikoman (or other high quality) soy sauce. This is generally about a cup of each.

Some people lean more towards a little extra vinegar but that is a matter of individual taste.

Drop in a bay leaf or two, a shake of oregano, and a dozen or so peppercorns (or add quite of bit of fresh ground pepper in the last 15 minutes of cooking).

No salt, unless you're using salt free soy sauce.

If you like garlic throw in a couple of whole cloves - or a dozen or so. Our kids fish them out and fight over the last one.

That's it.

Simmer for about 90 minutes, stirring occasionally. The pieces should be falling-apart tender by then with the sauce greatly reduced.

A couple of alternatives are to marinade the meat in the sauce overnight, briefly grill the pieces on each side, and then return it to the sauce to let it simmer until tender. Or, you can reverse it by simmering it first for 30 minutes and then finishing it on the grill.

Serve with rice, of course. I use the sauce from the pot to sprinkle over my rice. After 43 years I still don't like just plain old white rice staring at me from the plate. :-)

Nice simple veggies go great with it.

If you don't like pork but still want to try it, chicken thighs work fantastic. Many people combine the thighs with the pork for the best of both. Chicken breasts tend to get a little dry so I prefer the marinade and grill method with them. Beef tongue works, so does squid.

All kidding aside, it is one of the best dishes you'll ever have. If not, I'll refund the full cost of this recipe.

If you like this here is another great Filipino recipe for you to try: Filipino Pancit Canton: When you really want to impress your family


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