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Finding The Best Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Updated on October 29, 2009

If you are looking for a really different type of gift idea, you should consider purchasing a stainless steel hip flask for either the man in your life or for a group of friends. This could even be a great idea for wedding favours to present to the best man or best men.

A Little Bit About Hip Flasks

The very first incarnations of hip flasks were introduced into society around the 18th century. They were very popular among the very rich people. The original flasks were made from materials like pewter, solid silver and sometimes solid gold. The shape was made so that it could be worn very comfortably around the hip and thigh area. That is why the bottle is contoured with a slightly rounded shape.

Most flasks are made to hold around 7 – 10 ounces of liquid. The normal liquor of choice would traditionally be whiskey or brandy.

Find the perfect stainless steel hip flask
Find the perfect stainless steel hip flask

Now that the hip flask is slowly coming back into fashion, you can find that they are made of materials that are not only more robust but also within the realms of real people who have to live within a realistic budget.

A lot of people have decided to collect hip flasks as a hobby as they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  There are many that are now seen as being antique hip flasks and are now worth a lot of money.

If you are thinking about purchasing a hip flask here are a few examples of what is on offer from

Stainless steel hip flask
Stainless steel hip flask

Blomus Stainless-Steel Flask

If you are after a fantastically crafted and sleek looking hip flask, you could think about buying a flask that is manufactured by a German based company called Blomus.  This company is known worldwide for producing household items for the reception room, the bathroom as well as the kitchen and other useful appliances.

This flask is made from stainless steel and has a brushed matt finish exterior.  You can fill it with up to 7.1 ounces of the alcohol of your choices.

5 piece stainless steel hip flasks
5 piece stainless steel hip flasks

5 Piece Stainless Steel Hip Flask Set

This is just the thing to buy if you are looking for more that one hip flask and you are working within a limited budget.  If you buy this 5 piece stainless steel hip flask set, you will have enough to give one as a gift for the different people in your life.  This is definitely a great way to make choosing Christmas gifts much easier on yourself.

The flasks look sleek and everyone is sure to be happy to receive one.  You could even customise them by presenting them as a personalised hip flask  by getting each person’s name engraved on the side.


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