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Fire Roasted, Jambalaya Stuffed, Bacon Covered, Cheesey, Bell Peppers

Updated on December 1, 2011

Be prepared!

Peppers | Source
Burning the skin.
Burning the skin. | Source
Finished burning them and ready for the grocery sack.
Finished burning them and ready for the grocery sack. | Source
Peeled and ready for the good stuff.
Peeled and ready for the good stuff. | Source
Done on the grill and ready to put under the broiler.
Done on the grill and ready to put under the broiler. | Source
Bacon is crispy now to get the cheese gooey good.
Bacon is crispy now to get the cheese gooey good. | Source
All done and ready to serve it up all to myself.
All done and ready to serve it up all to myself. | Source
Mmmmmmm.....Peppers and cheese.
Mmmmmmm.....Peppers and cheese. | Source

You Are Not Prepared!

You are not prepared for the greatest stuffed bell pepper you have ever eaten. This is a painstaking recipe to make but is completely worth the time taken to properly prepare. You will make some friends when you start passing them out, or you may keep them all to yourself like I did.

Recipe at the bottom.

Get your charcoal started in the chimney while you are prepping the peppers. When the fire is ready set it up as indirect heat.

The first thing you will need is bell peppers and an open flame. I use my gas stove eyes. When you have your peppers ready burn them. That's right, lay them on the eye and let the fire do the work. Rotate the peppers around until the entire circumference is charred and blackened. Once they are really charred put them into a plastic grocery sack and twist the end so the steam from the peppers can't escape, be careful with the stems if they are burning they will melt the sack. The steam will cause the burnt skin to release from the pepper after a 5 - 10 minute wait.

While you are waiting for the steam to do its job, start on the jambalaya stuffing. You can make homemade jambalaya (My Killer Recipe Coming Soon) or buy the boxed version.

You have the jambalaya working and the peppers are ready to peel. Peel the charred skin off the peppers while holding them under running cold water. Be careful with the peppers they are very delicate at this point.

Once they are all peeled you will need to cut them in half and clean the seeds and membrane out. Cut them in half from the stem to the point not across the middle. Be cautious and gentle these peppers are still delicate.

Once you have them cleaned inside and out lay them on a tray that will fit on your grill then you can begin to stuff them. First lay some pepperoni slices in the bottom of the pepper for some structural support and taste.

Start to stuff the jambalaya into the peppers, you will notice that they are plyable and will hold a huge amount of jambalaya and cover with your favorite cheese.

Now lay your peeled de-veined shrimp on top of the cheese and take them to the grill for a short cook to impart the greatest flavor known to man. About an hour will do some good.

When they are done on the grill turn on your broiler for the last part of the cook.

Cut bacon into 2 - 3 inch strips and top the shrimp with the shrimp. Put it under the broiler until the bacon is nice and crispy. Take them out of the oven top with more of your favorite cheese and slide it under the broiler again until the cheese is bubbly and brown.

Serve them up with a spoonful of sour cream and a little red wine vinegar sprinkled around.

You will need:

4 Peppers

Jambalaya Mix or make a batch





Sour Cream and Red Wine vinegar


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