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Five Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Updated on February 26, 2017

Eating Pineapples

If like me, you relish in the sweet and sourness of pineapple, you’re in luck because this tropical delight is a storehouse of nutrients. Pineapples are so good for you, in fact, they can prevent cancer and help ward off a variety of chronic diseases. You pose the question, then, ‘how can eating pineapples benefit me?’

I will hurry to answer this question but first I should imbue you with the reason for writing today.

As March approaches, we are further into the blossoming spring of central China. I would know this, even without a calendar, for a variety of reasons. Of a morning, dark changes to light almost instantly. And similarly, day turns to night in a blink of an eye. When the sun is out, one can feel the UV rays attacking one’s skin (today was UV10). People crowd the streets at the weekends eager to embrace the comfortable temperature before the furnace that is summer arrives. Flowers blossom, particularly the much-loved sakura, causing a flurry of cherry-hued selfies to line social media profiles. Last, but certainly not least (I do love spring), pineapples are everywhere. Fruit shops, street vendors and supermarkets are overloaded with the tropical pleasure.

The price is cheap, too. Indeed, one large pineapple will set you back around RMB 10 whereas two smaller affairs will cost in the region of RMB 8 -10. This depends on how good you are at haggling. Also, many pineapples are sold peeled, and even cut. Today, though, after a wonderful spring walk and reading session by the lake, I visited my usual fruit buying establishment and purchased a large – around 2.5 kilogram – pineapple. This cost me just shy of RMB 12.

The Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Like all those concerned with health, I am not satisfied until I have done ample research on the benefits of what I am eating. Thus, I return to my reason for writing today. Here are the five amazing health benefits of eating pineapple.

1. Prevent Cancer. Pineapples are incredibly rich in antioxidants and the king of vitamins, vitamin C. Together, these are an important addition to your diet to prevent cancer. The most important aspect of cancer prevention in pineapples, though, is the manganese content. Manganese is an essential factor in the production of dismutase. Dismutase attacks the free radicals in the body which are responsible for causing a number of cancers. By eating pineapples, you increase your bodies intake of manganese, thus helping to prevent cancer.

2. Digestive Health. Pineapple is a chief source of both soluble and insoluble fibre. This fibre in itself can aid in the prevention of constipation, IBS and diarrhoea. That said, it is the bromelain, so abundant in pineapple, which aids digestion. Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that digests protein in the gut. Not only will your stomach feel more comfortable, the enzyme can also have an impact on muscle injuries, inflammation and joint pain.

3. Bones. When I’m running, I usually think of spinach, beans and nuts to help my body recover. However, the aforementioned manganese plays a central function in strengthening bones as well as facilitating in growth and repair. Next time you’re looking to refuel after a run, or any exercise, in fact, turn to pineapple.

4. Oral Health. I recently quit my all-day coffee habit in an effort to remove the years of staining on my teeth. Pineapple, too, can help with oral health. Pineapples have astringent properties which are beneficial for your gums, helping to strengthen them. What’s more, those antioxidant properties will also help protect against oral cancer.

5. Energy Production. This is crucial for those of trying to give up coffee. Pineapples are rich in thiamine, a B vitamin, that has a role in hurrying along enzymatic reactions so vital for energy production. If you are struggling with your energy levels, pineapple could be the addition necessary in your diet.

There we have it five amazing health benefits of eating pineapple. I wonder if those travellers to the Caribbean back in the 15th century had any idea of the endless benefits of this marvellous fruit.

The First Pineapple in England 1675

Pineapple Cocktail

With all the nutrients and digestive enzymes, I have a hunch tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day. That’s lucky, actually, as I have to attend a meeting on the other side of town. By the other side of town, I mean a 50 kilometre journey, also measured as a two-hour subway ride. I plead with the pineapple to give me strength.

There is some pineapple left for tomorrow, I am considering making it into a delightful summery cocktail. If you would like to try, the ingredients and instructions are as follows (you can double the recipe as you like depending on the number of people you’re serving):

  • 1-part vodka
  • 1-part orange liquor
  • 2-parts pineapple juice
  • enough pineapple to cover the bottom of the glass

Fill a pitcher with ice. Add the alcohol and pineapple juice and mix well. Cover the bottom of each glass with freshly cut pineapple. Pour over the cocktail mixture. Enjoy.

I warn you, these are quite strong but perfect for those warmer evenings. I hope that the above health benefits are not outweighed by the inclusion of alcohol!

I’m now in a never ending battle with myself, considering whether to eat the rest of the pineapple I prepared earlier.

See you.


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