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Five Awesome Breakfasts - how to start your day

Updated on August 19, 2014

Why breakfast

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Missing breakfast is like going from 12 noon to 9pm without eating, only your body has got used to the lack of food overnight so you don't initially feel it. It's amazing how much energy you have in the morning if you eat something solid and people who snack all the time could often cut it out by eating breakfast.  Do yourself a big favour, eat some good breakky and see how much better you feel! It's also a great opportunity for really tasty food. Sod the healthy option and read on!

Full English in a giant Yorkshire pud.

This is a very simple idea and just how it sounds. The reasons for doing it like this are twofold. One, Yorkshire pud is yummy and two all that egg yolk you loose to the plate and the dishwasher is soaked up by the pud, what’s not to like? Oh and three it’s from Yorkshire!

Ingredients include the usual, eggs, bacon, sausage, (Sausage?!? a la Blackadder), beans, mushroom, tomato and possibly a hash brown. It’s also healthier as you can ditch the fried bread. If you don’t like so much grease, try serving onto a paper kitchen towel before placing in the pud.

Eggy bread, Eggy crumpet and Eggy in the basket.

These are essentially three varieties of the same beast. Sometimes called French toast or gypsy toast. Eggy bread consists of some form of egg on bread. Beat some eggs, soak a piece of bread in the egg on both sides and fry it. In butter of course.

Eggy crumpet This is the same just with a crumpet (thanks Jamie Oliver for this one - I don't usually like you but this one is awesome).

Eggy in the basket is a bit more special. I saw this on the film V for Vendetta and instantly resolved to make it. Unfortunately, it’s deceptively difficult to get right. The form of the beast is a slice of bread, with a round hole cut in the middle and an egg or egg yolk placed in the hole.


Recipe for Eggy In The Basket

The issue comes with attempting to cook the thing without breaking the yolk. Initially I followed some online instructions which said: Butter the bread on both sides, cut the hole, fry the bread on both sides, then apply a small lump of butter into the hole, before cracking the egg into the hole and cooking.

This proved to either necessitate turning the whole item, whereby the egg ran off the fried bread and the yolk broke, or having a semi cooked upper with a burn underside. Neither of these was desirable so I thought out my own method.

1. Butter the bread on both sides.

2. Cut the hole, I found that an empty pot previously containing pepper corns about 1.5" wide was ideal for this.

3. Crack the egg into a bowl, retaining the yolk by passing the yolk back and forward between the two halves of the eggshell, while letting the white drain into the bowl.

4. Having retained the yolk and a little egg white in one-half of the shell beat the remaining egg white until mixed. Pepper and salt can be added if desired.

5. Coat the bread in the egg white and fry the egg white Eggy bread on both sides until almost done.

6. Add a small lump of butter into the hole and let it melt.

7. Tip the retained egg yolk into the hole and let it cook in the butter. A little bit of egg white in the hole with the yolk helps anchor the yolk to the bread. This method is superior because although it separates the yolk and the white, both can be cooked through and the desirable level of yolk cooking can be achieved through timing.

As the yolk is slightly cooked already, it is more likely to survive turning in the pan and even if it does break, can most often be rescued in its entirety.

Nectarines and Greek yogurt.

I thought I’d better put in a healthy option. I love Greek yogurt. It goes in anything, pasta sauce, Turkish kebabs, Greek dishes, puddings, lasagne...literally anywhere. Nectarines are superior to peaches due to the lack of furriness.

I hate peach fuzz, the texture is weird! Not to mention, more often than not, there is a micro thin line between having a rock, eating your peach and wearing it. Nectarines are the way to go!

Dorset Cereals

I’m a newcomer to these but they are awesome! I’ve really only tried the muesli but it’s the best. Although quite simple, they have about 10 different amazing flavours including cherries and berries, really nutty and super cranberry.

My pack says 50% fruit on it and I don’t think they’re lying. In addition to being a disgustingly healthy option, this has the advantage of tasting great too. They are a bit expensive, but given the density, you really don’t need to eat that much. Try with Greek yogurt :-)

The Scottish one – Lorne sausage and Tattie scone.

This is my pick of choice from the food van outside work. It’s probably very unhealthy but its tastes so good, especially with brown sauce. The Lorne sausage is essentially sausage meat rolled flat and cut square.

The Tattie scone is some sort of potato cake with a doughy consistency. They are both available at supermarkets. Fry both and then slap them in a bun with brown sauce, two Lorne to one scone. Oh yes, that’s real breakfast‼

As this is breakfast time, don’t forget your cup of coffee, there’s plenty to choose from!


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    • Lymond profile image

      Lymond 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks Ancillotti, glad it made you hungry

    • Ancillotti profile image

      Ancillotti 6 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Just reading this Hub already got hungry, so I think it is a good sign for you. For sure I'll use your tips. Thanks for sharing them!

      Up and useful!

    • profile image

      uLrLfc 8 years ago

      A pre-lecture breakfast for beasts:

      -alarm set for 25 past the hour

      -5 min snooze

      -rise and put 3 eggs on the boil

      -wash, brush, put clothes on etc..

      -make peanut butter/chocolate spread sandwich

      -eggs off the boil and peel (yom as fast as possible but often not quickly enough)

      -leave uneaten eggs, take sandwich, 1 banana and weight-gainer shake and leave house at 20 to/ quarter to the hour- 15/20mins for your daily mobile picnic across the park.


      -eat the sandwich first and wash it down with the shake this dominates two of the items quickly.

      -banana can be fitted in whenever but broken up under the desk/bag/coat when your tutor isnt watching is the best option.

      Protein content: 40-50grams

      calorie content:


      peanut butter/chocolate spread- 300-400cal

      banana- 150cal

      eggs- 80-200cal