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Five Creative Uses For Plastic Shopping Bags

Updated on March 20, 2012

Did you know there are approximately 380 billion plastic bags used every year? A majority are tossed into landfills and only 1-2% of all plastic bags are recycled. Out of the 380 billion approximately 100 billion are shopping bags. So how much waste are we creating in our landfills? Enough to wrap a large plastic ribbon around the Earth 63 times, as reported by Washington

300,000 tons of waste is dumped into our landfills per day. The numbers are staggering. Instead of throwing the bags into our landfills , there are useful ways to use the plastic bags.

Our home has always been Eco-friendly, finding ways to use plastic bags is a simple day-to-day task. But if you could change the percentage of plastic bags going into landfills would you do it?

Creative Ways to Use Plastic Bags

One of the most common uses of using a plastic bag is to remove animal debris. Many stores have turned to using recycled plastic, so check the bag before using. Take two bags and use one for the feces and the other as a glove. Not only are you getting a little exercise by bending and picking; but you can also take one bag and add it to the recycle bin. The second bag you can tie and place it in the garbage. Since the bag has already been recycled it is more bio-degradable then a normal plastic bag.

Instead of purchasing little plastic non-recycled bags for your bathroom garbage can, use the recycled plastic bag to line your can. If you like things neat and tidy like myself, you can tie the bag to make it fit snugly in the can. Or if you have a lid on your bathroom garbage can it is hidden easily.

If you have children and don't really care about how nice a kite looks. Find the largest plastic bag you can find and create a kite. Large Kohl's, Target or Wal-Mart bags are the best. Let them use color or erasable marker to add a little pizzazz, before they fly it in the air. Easily stored and it does not rip to shreds like most store bought kites can.

Have you ever gone to a shoe store and they are all out of booties? Fearful you may get athlete's foot or some other unknown fungus, you choose not to try the shoe on? Carry a recyclable plastic bag with you and use it as a booty. Unless you are Shaquill O' Neil the bag with fit over the average sized foot and you can slide the shoe on and off easily.

If you wish to get a little more crafty and have little ones at home. Go to any craft store and find child-safe non-toxic paint. Take several plastic bags and lay them flat. Place a food can in each corner to hold the plastic bag down. Have them paint designs, faces, people, flowers or whatever they chose to design. Let dry. Cut a 3x5 or 5x7 square from cardboard, glue work of art onto paper and frame. You will be able to save the work of art for years and will be keeping a few plastic bags out of the landfills.


Will you now become more Eco-Friendly?

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