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Five Easy Desserts You Can Prepare At Home

Updated on June 6, 2020
Suchismita pradhan profile image

I am interested in making delicious, unusual meals and desserts, particularly for special occasions. Quick and easy meals are also great.


I read somewhere that desserts are highly essential to keep our dentist employed. It bought a smile on my face because no matter what the health nutritionist says, I am a dessert freak. I had a severe craving towards them and I can easily convince my mind to give a chance to my taste buds for a special treat.

Where the starters take the first place dessert sits at the end, without it a meal becomes incomplete. Well, I am not saying this for everyone and not every time but it gets fits most of the time. Those who are in a diet or strictly following the nutritionist, guys sometimes we can have a cheat day right?

Five Easy Desserts You Can Try At Home

Now in this lockdown where restaurants are not allowed to serve and hotels are on sleep. The social media messages of delightful, enticing images of food like a wave flooded my mind with imaginary pictures that made me drool and encouraged my inner cook to start my experiments and satisfy my craving. Till now I knew Sanjeev Kapoor is the only chef who helped many people like me who don't know how to cook by sharing his recipes, but YouTube proved me wrong, there are so many out there to help you, only you have to type the write words to reach them. This is the first time I thanked YouTube who came for my rescue and helped me not only to prepare my desserts but also realized that if you want something from your heart and soul, the entire universe will help to reach you just like the phrase mentioned in the book, The Alchemist," when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

So here are some easy mouth smacking desserts that you can also try at home.

  • Rasagolla:

    If you really want to tease your taste buds with a spongy sweet delicacy then squeeze one rasogolla in your mouth and feel the heaven inside it. This Indian syrupy dessert is so popular and delicious that once upon a time two states had a tug of war, who had really invented it. I tried it for the first time in my kitchen and it came out great. Here is the recipe that you can also try and enjoy.

    Preparation: Rasogolla is prepared from fresh curdling milk. It's a simple recipe where you have to prepare the dessert keeping two things in mind. One is to prepare the sugar syrup by adding five tablespoons of sugar and few cardamoms and the other one is to prepare Indian cottage cheese. For preparing the Indian cottage cheese we need one liter of whole milk, Vinegar. Procedure: First bring the milk to boil in a pot, add two tablespoons of vinegar and stir until the milk curdles.Once the milk starts curdling completely, switch off the stove. Then pour cold water to the pot which will stop the cheese from cooking further and keeps it soft. After this drain the curdled milk from the water with the help of a clean thin cloth. Squeeze it well to remove the whey and leave it for at least thirty minutes hanging, so that it will become crumbly. Then knead it well to make a smooth dough then take a small portion of this and roll to tiny balls. Take care of the size. As they become big after boiling in the sugar syrup. Bring the syrup to a rolling boil on a medium flame. Add the sugar balls one by one to the sugar syrup. let it boil on a medium flame for ten minutes. You will see the balls will start swelling. They double in size and also sink in the syrup if cooked properly. Serve hot or chilled, in both cases it tastes great.

  • Rasmalai

    This Indian dessert preparation is similar to the preparation of Rasogolla. This sweet dessert is hard to resist.

    Procedure: The procedure is similar to making Rasogolla the only difference is after soaking the balls in the sugar syrup you have to soak them again into the thickened milk . In order to make the thickened milk, we need four cups of milk, saffron, and a few pieces of almonds. Procedure: Pour four cups milk to a heavy pot and boil it at a medium flame, add saffron and sugar, stir it until it becomes thicken. Put the Rasogollas into it. Serve hot or cold by garnishing it with other nuts.

  • Kalakand:

    Dressed with crunchy almonds and nuts, Kalakand is a perfect dish for any occasion. You can take after lunch or dinner, or can taste it anytime it will not disappoint you at any time.

    Procedure: For preparing kalakand, we need three cups of sweetened condensed milk, half teaspoon of cardamom powder, two tablespoons of nuts, and Indian cottage cheese.Procedure: Pour condensed milk to a pan and warm up on a low flame then add one small cup of milk and cottage cheese into it. Stir it constantly to avoid burning. After a short while, it will become thick, when you see the mixture leaves the side, spread on an aluminum foil with a three fourth inch of thickness. Smooth the top evenly, sprinkle nuts and saffron.freeze it for one hour and serve it.

  • Pudding:

    When the slippery sweet dish slips and smashed on your tongue, the most satisfying emotions start bombarding in your mind. This easy dish is yummy and easy to make and taste.

    For making caramel pudding, we need four tablespoons of sugar, one cup of milk, one cup of plain yogurt, one cup of sweetened condensed milk, One tablespoon of custard powder, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract.To start with the caramel we need a pan and sugar, melt the sugar on a low to medium flame, the caramel will come out with a gorgeous golden brown texture. Transfer the caramel into a bowl spread it all the bowl and keep it aside to set. Next in a blender take one cup of milk, one cup of sweetened condensed milk, and plain yogurt add one tablespoon of custard powder and one tablespoon of vanilla essence and blend it well so that they can rightfully mix with each other. Then pour the custard mixture on the caramel and start steaming for about 20 to 25 minutes over medium flame until it set along. Remove it from the container in the room-temperature then refrigerate it for the best results.

Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts." — Unknown

Ice cream
Ice cream
  • Ice cream:

    This frozen sweet dish when melts on your taste buds, the stress hormones sleep, serotonin wakes up and you meet the ultimate point of pleasure and the best part is it's quite easy to make and you can store it for days.

    For preparing a homemade ice cream recipe, we need just three ingredients -condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and cream. First, chill the bowl and beaters overnight in the freezer and put the condensed milk in the fridge then transfer the condensed milk to a mixing bowl and then add two tablespoons of sugar to it. Set this aside, pour the chilled cream to the chilled bowl. Then whip the cream until it becomes soft. Then pour the cream into the condensed milk, stir gently for uniform mixing. Transfer the mixture to a freezer-safe container and leave it for around 8 to 10 hours so that it will become hard. Serve with your favorite toppings, Chocolate is my favorite so I dressed it with chocolate syrup.

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