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Flavored Coffee Beans – What Is It?

Updated on November 16, 2009

Flavored coffee beans are in essence coffee beans that have had other flavorings added to them. The added flavors come from oils which mix to produce a unique coffee edged taste. The oil is added to the beans prior to the grounding process.

There are several different oils that can be combined to produce interesting tastes. They range from the rather conservative vanilla and cinnamon which most people would have heard of and even tried. But you can also get coffee with a hint of raspberry or you could go for the weirdly bizarre butter nut flavored drink.

If you want to grind your own coffee, you could consider purchasing something like the magic bullet blender to make the job easy.

You can buy coffee beans at varying prices but in order to ensure that you are getting top quality you will want to know the following information:

Flavored coffee beans can enhance your drinking pleasure
Flavored coffee beans can enhance your drinking pleasure
  • The Origin of the bean
  • The Type of bean
  • The Type of oil used
  • How the bean was processed

The Origin Of The Bean

A lot of people will argue about what type of bean is the best to use to make the best tasting brew. Arabica beans are seen by many as the forerunner in taste and quality.

The Type Of Oil Used

The best flavoured oils are made from 100% natural ingredients. This guarantees that there is no bitter aftertaste after each sip. If you are after top quality, check that the ingredient content states your gourmet coffee was made with natural flavorings. It may cost a bit more money but you definitely get want you pay for.

How Was The Bean Processed

The intensity of the roasting process will have a distinct effect on the final taste of the bean. If the bean has been roasted too lightly, it is possible that the oils will not have impregnated the bean enough to provide a strong enough flavor. If the beans have been roasted too intensely then it will overpower the oil flavorings completely.

The best way to find a coffee that will suit your taste buds is simply through trial and error. If you try a series of flavoured coffees from different countries and different brands, you are sure to find one or two that you really like.

A normal cup of Joe is great but a gourmet coffee made from the highest quality flavored coffee beans is a real pleasure.

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