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Find out if,and how Additives are put in our Food

Updated on May 20, 2011

Food Additive's

 A pet peeve of mine is Additives.when it comes any food that, has additives that, are, not needed,

Why,is it necessary to put ,unnatural colors and flavors,in our food,at least give us a choice,rather than  take it or leave it! Sorry,I have to leave it!

Some items,have something called quote"natural flavors",now what is a natural flavor,well I know what I think of as natural,but,maybe there is a dictionary out there I don't know about,that says,poison,is natural,which it certainly can be!

I heard that "monosodium glutenate" is natural,but it's not used in the terminology listed in some products ingredients,even though,that is exactly what they mean,when they use the term "natural" or "natural flavors" as an added ingredient in their product !

I know their are many reason's they put additives in foods,such as taste,color,appeal,and so forth.Are we really blind to this subject,so much so,that we don't care about this subject,or is it ,that we care but, don't think,anyone really cares about, what we think?

I wouldn't mind,if the additives were,truely naturally wholesome,such as food coloring,that arn't made from inorganic sources,or artifically made.

all fruit,and vegatable based color's and flavor's are what I want!

Maybe you or someone you know is allergic,let everyone know about it !

I'm writting this,just to find out how many of us out there,feel the same way about this subject! Please make any comments you feel necessary on your experience concerning ADDITIVES IN OUR FOOD!


Should we keep artifical additives in our food

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