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You Are What You Eat, Growth Hormones and Antibiotics

Updated on September 28, 2011

Why do I Feel Like This?

Somewhere around the age of 35 I started feeling kind of sick all the time. The symptoms where rather common and nothing so unique that I could place my finger on them. Some days I felt confused. Other days I had problems remembering things. Then again other times I just felt kind of out of it, not really sick, just blah.

I had a real hard time describing to my doctor what I felt, or pinning down any particular symptom with any particular food or meal. Finally, I was sent, really by accident to a neoro-pyschiatrist by my family doctor who thought that I was having emotional problems or depression problems.

As soon as I walked into his office, he took one look at me and told me that I was having thyroid problems. Sure enough, after having some bloodwork done, he was correct. We fixed that problem, and I was still having my "emotional swings" and bouts of confusion.

He then had me start a diet journal. He made me write down everything I had eaten within a 24 hour period, right down to the time I had eaten it. We did this for one month. He then had me do the same thing with the symptoms. Every time I was feeling not quite right, or confused, I wrote it down, including the time of day.

When we over imposed one on top of the other, it was very clear what was causing my problems. It seemed that every time I ate red meat, or drank milk, I was having problems with my memory, being confused, and so forth.

That was when he told me that I was either extremely sensitive, or just straight allergic to something that was in the beef. It wasn't clear if I was getting it from the meat or the milk, but it was definitely from the source of a cow.

Upon further investigation, and a few hours of research I found that farmers made a habit of giving the younger cows, like a year old on, hormones to the ones headed for the slaughterhouse, so that they would grow more. There were other things that they did too, like keep them from water, giving them extra salt, and then 12 hours before killing them would give them all the water they could drink . This although it seems horrid, does not affect the health of people. But the hormones are passed down into the meat and the milk.

Also, they were given antibiotics from birth on so that they would not get sick. This is also passed down to us by way of the meat and milk. Humans were not intended to be the recipients of these medicines, nor have we been tested and the FDA has definitely not OKed these substances for human consumption.

So, if you are not feeling quite right, and cannot figure out why, perhaps you should too do a journal of what you have been eating, and when, as well as when you are having symptoms and go to your doctor armed with this information. You might just come out suprised with the results.

I believe it is just about time that we do something about this problem, for unless you buy meat that says organic, you too are receiving these chemicals. It would seem to me that it would not be that hard to stop giving our food animals these things lets say 30 to 60 days prior to the consumption of the meat or milk. It might just save the life of someone you love very much. But until we care enough to do something about this problem, because of the money issue, rest assured that nothing will be done.


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  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

    I read this and am interested. I feel so sorry for the way we treat the animals to begin with: they suffer too much, just to make a little more money off them. The most natural way is the best.

    I'm increasingly attracted to the vegan thing. I don't eat that much meat normally. It wouldn't be so hard to give it up. There are healthy alternatives available (soy milk, for example, though I haven't tried it yet), and really, it would be so much kinder to the animals.