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Food, Cravings, Over-Eating and Not Caring

Updated on March 19, 2015

Spaghetti Slop

My Twilight Hours and Stomach Pangs
My Twilight Hours and Stomach Pangs


Because of my twisted sleeping pattern, I never know when a real hunger pang will strike.
I know this -- if you let your stomach keep growling, you'll never get back to sleep. Once you have satiated yourself, you can (sometimes) return to bed and feel as if you've taken several sleeping tablets. This depends on how much you consume. If you eat too much, you merely replace the hunger pangs with a very uncomfortable feeling of bloat.

I have arisen and made spaghetti in all hours of the night and early day. I always cook too much pasta. It's as if I were cooking for two or three persons.

You wouldn't want to try my spaghetti because I just use jar sauce. My favorite is Celeste three cheese. I find that it isn't as acidic as other brands and has a good overall flavor, but that is just to my taste.

I don't even bother to heat up the sauce. I just pour it on the hot spaghetti, and it is instantly edible after a bit of stirring.

Sometimes, when I really feel like I'm starving, I'll make a few pounds of spaghetti. Our kitchen sink isn't working, so I pile this mound onto a paper plate.

I found that angel hair pasta cooks a LOT faster than regular spaghetti, but I tend to prefer the traditional stuff -- if I have it.

Rigatoni - A Good Second Choice

Noodle Shape Means Everything
Noodle Shape Means Everything

Pasta to Sauce Ratio

I don't use macaroni as the tube-like construction gets clogged with extra sauce, and I like very little sauce. Rigatoni is good because the tubes collapse while boiling, closing off any entry to extra sauce.

Paper Plate

Ordinary Paper Plate
Ordinary Paper Plate

Hunger Has No Bounds

I cook my spaghetti to the point where it is soft but chewable. I hate mushy pasta. I keep sampling the pot, so I always know when the pasta is just perfect for me.

Then I bring the final concoction up to my room and I gorge. In the old days, I would never stop until my plate was clean -- even if this meant my stomach was aching and distended. Either I'm making even more now or my capacity has diminished. One night I had to push the plate away. Part of the problem on that evening was I didn't really have enough sauce to cover the pasta, and I couldn't slide any more down my gullet. Two days later, not having removed the paper plate from my desk, still almost half full of pasta, I began nibbling on it -- cold and semi-hard as it was. I ended up finishing what I couldn't complete beforehand. It was one of the more decadent things I've ended up doing in recent years.

Chinese Food - Home Delivery

Usually Each Component is in its Own Little Box
Usually Each Component is in its Own Little Box

Fresh to Your Door

My wife and I used to order Chinese food from a good restaurant. She would never touch the boxes filled with fried rice or noodles. So, I'd combine them on my plate and let her have a bit extra of the main entries. The restaurant provided such a quantity of food, two people simply could not consume it all in one sitting. Where a lot of people would just put the remains in the trash, I refrigerated the rice and noodles. They warmed up pretty nicely after a few minutes in the microwave. And this could lead to another kind of gorge-fest the next day or so.

French Bread

Typical Baguette
Typical Baguette

Minimizing Doritos

None of this happens often, so I do not even think twice about the effect it may have on me. There are many days where I'll eat nothing but a pull of french bread -- no meat, no butter or other condiments -- and that will be my entire meal for the day. I don't eat sweets (more about that soon), and I have a sprinkling of fruit and hardly any vegetables. I've cut way back on snack foods (particularly Doritos) and have lost a few pounds just by doing that.



I've also discovered that sleeping is a great way to lose weight. If you can get through a 12-hour (or more) sleep period and eat nothing then get up and just eat a crust of bread, the pounds just disappear.


Drool worthy
Drool worthy

Yes, Yes, Yes

I recently received a flyer from a burger joint that has come into our community called "Smashburger." I had never heard of them. Both Tanya and I were hard-core Burger King fanatics until they closed our local outlet. Looking over the brochure, I definitely want to give them a try. The burgers look good (but don't they all in photos). They offer two types of fries -- regular and Smashburger fries, which appear to have a lot of seasoning on them. That's a temptation. The killer is they offer milk shakes made with Hagen Daz ice cream, served in the old-fashioned way with the metal container and a tall glass. I have been craving a good milk shake for weeks if not months. So, I know if I go there, I will order a shake -- even though the combined meal will make me painfully uncomfortable.

The Yummy Stuff

McDonald's Food
McDonald's Food

Pepsi / Coke

Favorite Beverages
Favorite Beverages

In my youth I had no problem downing a Big Mac, large fries and a chocolate shake. But today? Jesus, they might have to wheel me into an ambulance.

I love Coke with ice -- always have -- especially in restaurants. I can even get into a Pepsi. I never really found much difference. Thus, if I go to a restaurant -- oh, just a coffee shop -- depending on the time of day, I'll order a Coke/Pepsi and have no qualms -- even though I know the stuff is like poison for my body. I simply do not care because it's just a rare treat. In this same way, I don't feel especially guilty about consuming a few pounds of spaghetti or over-dosing at a fast-food restaurant. Because of how rarely my wife and I eat out -- even at fast-food, I feel like it's okay to indulge myself.

Young Jack
Young Jack
Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves

I look at all the diet recommendations, the work-out recommendations on the Internet, and I have to chuckle. Do you remember the very back pages of comics from the silver age of comic books where they advertised how to build muscles? Nothing has changed. Do you remember Jack LaLanne? He made an entire career about fitness going back to the 50s. The man has a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. He received accolades from such pumped-up guys as Steve Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I remember a period where I really enjoyed pressing some iron -- you got a kind of rush from it. But now I'm focused on that Smashburger milk shake.


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