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Food Dehydrator Sale Review

Updated on March 17, 2011

Food Dehydrators

Growing up my mom had a Food Dehydrator. With our food dehydrator we had lots of fun drying out food for storage, to preserve it and (my favorite) to have tasty snacks on long road trips. My favorite thing to make with our dehydrated food was jerky, beef jerky and goat jerky (we had a goat farm).

Now that I am all grown up I am thinking I really would love to get a food dehydrator for myself before summer. Unlike my childhood I now live in a big city (London) and am not able to produce my own food as my mom did. Generally speaking the price of food just keeps going up and up and up.

What I cannot help but notice is that while over all food prices are rising there are at times great sales out there. In my area there is a local corner booth that sells fruit and veg year round. What they carry changes and is dependent on what is in season. When a fruit is in season and it has been a bumper crop I can often buy boxes of fruit for as little as £2. The down side is that this fruit is usually ripe and ready to eat. Ever try to eat a large box of mango's in a day?

With a good fruit dehydrator I could take advantage of these kinds of sales and preserve the food for myself to eat whenever, like when the sales are over the the normally high price resumes. A food dehydrator goes a very long way toward saving money on food costs by allowing someone like me to take advantage of lower food prices to preserve food for later.

When fruit and other foods do not have long before they are unsellable they can be sold for very low prices, if you can then preserve the food with a food dehydrator. The benefits here are to big to miss. From saving food that would otherwise go off and be thrown away, to saving the money in your wallet!


As I have wandered the net looking at my choices for food dehydrators the Excalibur food dehydrator looks to be the one for me. Some of this may come down to nostalgia, it is the type my mom had and was so much fun to use with her. What we loved about it was the volume of food that we could preserve. The Excalibur food dehydrator that we had also dried the food evenly and was very easy to use, we did not have to worry that some food was dehydrated while other food still needed more time to dry properly. I have also noticed that the Excalibur food dehydrators often include instruction manuals with recipes included, not that I imagine I will need those recipes but they sure would be nice to have.

The other food dehydrator that has caught my eye is a non electric food dehydrator. The Food Pantrie hanging food dehydrator is a non electric food dehydrator and so far is the only one I have found from a seller that I know and highly regard (amazon). The reviews are the only reason that I am somewhat torn between which one to buy. This hanging food dehydrator sounds great at first but when I read the reviews there were a few complaints that the unit comes apart when you try to move it.

On the other hand one of the comments on this hanging food dehydrator is from the maker of the food dehydrator. In his (or her?) comment they acknowledge what the problem is and that they are working on improving the design, that they will offer higher quality parts to create a more stable food dehydrator and even one customers temporary solution. I was impressed with this as I have not often seen a company owner show the passion for the product enough to actually properly address complaints and sincerely want to publicly commit to improvement.  I guess the solution is to buy one of each! LOL



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    • kirstenblog profile image

      kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK

      Pamela - May I suggest you try drying strawberries? Dried strawberries are really delicious, especially if you enjoy strawberries anyway. Mango's are also wonderful to dry (or put into ice cream).

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      I got a food dehydrator for Christmas and love it. I have that second one you listed at the top, Nesco. So far I have mostly dried meat for jerky but when spring comes I plan to do more. I'm going to grow fruits and vegetables as well as like you say, take advantage of produce sale prices.