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Comfort Food - Brings You Back in Time

Updated on August 18, 2013
Stop For Lunch
Stop For Lunch

Food Flashback

Each of us grew up eating certain foods which may be or may not be the same ones we are eating today or all this time.

And sometimes we outgrow certain foods, even the ones who truly love.

Or we just got so fed up with them.

Or we try out other food, we acquire another taste and we just forget about all the things that we used to eat.

Or we won the huge lottery jackpot (we wish) and all of sudden we now eat only foodstuff we haven’t tried since as far as we can remember.

Or because of economic, regional, cultural, health, personal beliefs or outlook in life, philosophical and even religious reasons, we stopped eating certain types of food.

Or we move to another home or another area and we change our diet and our eating habits.

Or we even move to another country or another continent or we move to the opposite end of the globe.

I was also going to say another planet, but let’s not go that far yet.

Yes, there are just so many things that could have happened since we were back home to where we were born or where we grew up in or when we were little or younger up until where we are right now. And these things could have literally changed or are currently changing what we eat now.

And I am not talking about Gerber Baby Food or Infant Baby Formula or food that we needed to eat as babies or toddlers.

white bread
white bread
yellow corn on the cob
yellow corn on the cob
steamed white rice
steamed white rice

Food Staple

No, and I may not be talking about our most basic or staple food, or the ones we eat for the most part every day and can’t live without;

like perhaps white bread for North Americans,

grilled or boiled corn for South Americans,

boiled cassava for other and certain Americans,

boiled yams for some Africans, baked or boiled potatoes for some Europeans and Americans,

orange chicken for Asians (okay not really orange chicken but some kind of cooked or boiled chicken) or steamed rice of course

and maybe some sort of grilled meat or steak for Aussies, Americans, Europeans or just about anybody else.

Time Travel

While having brunch at my sister’s house, about a month ago, my brother-in-law was telling us (me and my wife) about how when he ate this one Asian dish, it instantly brought him back when he was a young boy back in his home country.

Now believe me when I tell you this, that there is going to be a certain food or a few of them prepared a certain way, which after you eat now, will instantly bring you back to when you were a little child or back to where you grew up.

Some of you will probably remember dear old mom or grandma, or even our dad or uncle, aunt or whoever cooked and prepared your food back then.

If you have, you know perfectly well what I am talking about.

If you haven’t, then just keep an open mind and read on.

Food That Gives You Flashbacks

And interestingly enough a few weeks back, my wife was telling me about the same thing, and when she ate something and immediately it brought her back to her childhood home. And she could have swore that she went back in time, back when her mom was still alive and preparing their meals every single day.

Now, about a week ago, it was my turn.


Food Déjà vu

And I did have that flashback or that back-to-the-past gustatory experience. (Now I do not even know what a gustatory experience or a gustatory sensation actually means, but for this purpose it does sound about right).

But it wasn’t just the distinctive taste, for it was I believe the combination of the weather, and the scene inside and outside our window, the smell and the aroma of the food, the heat of the kitchen and of course the temperature and the taste of this particular dish.

And the impression or the awareness of all that was almost too good to let go.

Imagine being able to go back in time, to the good old days, the great memories, the past, our loved ones who have passed on among other things and to be able to bring back, the sights, the sounds, the smell, the flavors, the experiences and the memories.

And it all came down to a particular bowl of steaming hot noodle soup for my brother-in-law.

It was a mixed vegetable and meat dish prepared in a distinct manner for my wife

And for me, it was a scalding hot sip of a specific noodle soup (with my eyes closed).

And it was an unplanned out-of-the-blue, spur-of-the-moment breakfast consisting of a plateful of hot garlic fried rice, newly fried dried fish with hot off the grill (pan) over-easy eggs, a hot drink in a mug and condiments, spices and dipping sauces from where I grew up in.

Now, you might just have your lunch or your dinner or you may not.

But I could be pretty sure you also might have had a similar experience (total all around sensation) like that.

And I don’t know what it’s called and I don’t care.

We can call it Food Flashback, or it could be Food Déjà vu or of course something better than those.

But in case you haven’t had it yet, and if you are of a certain age, I am guessing, you are bound to have one any day now. And basing from experience, this could very well be contagious.

But don’t be too picky with what you eat now. Don’t shy away from certain foods. Some day just don’t try to think or plan or eat the same things, and just try something else.

And you will most probably experience one good-feeling experience which probably needs to happen to you just about now.


Please feel free to share about your own personal experiences about this and please describe what kind of food or dish it was. I’m dying to hear them, especially if you now live hundreds if not thousands of miles from where you grew up.

Bon Appetit.

Looking Outside Your Window

This is not what I was looking at outside the window that day that I ate something which gave me flashbacks. But I would have love this scene too.
This is not what I was looking at outside the window that day that I ate something which gave me flashbacks. But I would have love this scene too.

On The Lighter Side

Honey, please pass the remote. I mean the salt.
Honey, please pass the remote. I mean the salt.


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