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Food For Energy And Strength/Protein

Updated on February 23, 2010


Protein is the bodybuilding materials that help us grow,they build muscle for physical power and strength,everybody needs protein but professional athletes and especially bodybuilders need lots more than others,as they work out the muscles get little tears in them and the body uses the protein stored by our body to repair the damage but makes it a little thicker,as a result over time and with sufficient protein intake we get bigger.Nuts, meat, fish, seafood and seeds are excellent at giving high concentrations of protein which we need to be able to use our muscles effectively throughout the day. 

How much protein?

Many experts believe that when training your muscles hard you need to ingest anywhere between 1.3-1.8 grammes of protein per kg of body weight so for example i myself am 70kgs that's 128 grammes of protein i need to ingest to keep my muscles growing whilst working out.That is quite hard to do if your not a big eater,so many people turn to protein shakes or bars as this is easy to ingest and can really speed up your intake of high quality proteins.

What Foods?

Most of the best foods for high protein are meat based so if your a vegetarian it is going to be quite hard to get the quality protein you need.

Pork:Pork is often overlooked but is usually one of the leanest meats you can get and as such has a high protein level,a brilliant meal to cook is pork stir fry as it is low in fat but high in protein as well as getting in all your vegetables.

Fish:If you stick to cooking this fish as simply as possible without giving into the urge to add sauces etc then this really can be a very low fat option and if your having fish such as tuna then the protein can be as high as 50 grammes in one meal,that's more than your protein shakes.

Grains:Rice,pasta,bread and other such grainy products are also high in protein and if you mix these into a dish with your meat and fish,then you really will have a high protein meal,everything your body needs to repair itself after a hard session at the gym.


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