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Food Smoothies Liquefied Meals to Go

Updated on February 13, 2017
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John uses his research background in Biochemistry & Physiology to develop review articles - pregnancy, babies, infants, children, teenagers

Sanitarium, an Australian heath food company, started it all with the Up & Go range of ready to go products by blending break fast cereals into milk and packaging the products as a ready to go instant breakfast that can be enjoyed with a straw.

The cereals are blended into the milk to provide and instant break for kids and adults on the go. All you need is a straw!

The instant breakfasts are very popular with teenagers who want to grab something for break fast as they run out the door. Parents like them because they are healthy!!

By adding the energy, protein and dietary fiber of 2 Weet-Bix (breakfast bars) which are blended with milk the dietary value of the product is greatly increased.

Fruit smoothies are very popular, but you can also make delicious and nutritious smoothies from a variety of other foods.
Fruit smoothies are very popular, but you can also make delicious and nutritious smoothies from a variety of other foods. | Source

Up & Go is also rich in calcium, is a totally natural product has no artificial colours. Up & Go is 98 % fat free and contains 10 essential minerals and vitamins.

Up & Go is genuine and healthy breakfast on the go!

So whether you jump out of bed in the morning and have no time for a sit down breakfast.

Or you want a quick snack on the go after a run.

Or need something to take with you when you go for a a surf or working-out in the gym

Up & Go is the healthy liquid breakfast for people on the Go.

The Sanitarium Company has developed an expanded range of products that includes fruit and honey.

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It had to happen!

Now another company GO FOODS is developing similar items by liquefying all your common meals.

Cheeseburger and Shakes, Burritos, Pancakes - now you can have all you meals ready to Go.

Go Foods are a solution for everyone who has no time to sit down and eat. Delicious foods brought to you in liquid form so you can eat on the go!

Go foods provide a full menu of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner also and also for snacks!

In today's busy world, who has time to sit down and enjoy a cheese burger? Lets face it eating as you drive to or from work can be difficult or dangerous!

But a Go Foods Cheese Burger is simple, delicious and fits in your cup holder!

Go foods are specially produced using real foods! See our demonstration videos of the process they are developing.

There's a wide range of Go Foods for different people with all sorts of tastes, including snacks and full meals.

All Go Foods are made from high quality gourmet foods that are processed, liquefied and packed under hygienic conditions ensuring the highest quality.

Look out for these foods in you supermarket some time soon!

Go foods are a great meal for anyone on the go!

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Food Smoothie - Fries and Shake

Food Smoothie - Cheese Burger and Coke

© 2011 Dr. John Anderson


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