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Food can both boost and lose energy

Updated on August 16, 2015

Life is short and everyone wants to live it at its maximum. For this, energy is required to spend the day with efficiency and keep the interest. Time comes when you feel low at energy and feel tired. This is natural and you can fix it easily. You just have to observe you habits and lifestyle. Different people live different lifestyles depending upon their school of thought as living standards. Whatever lifestyle you are living it must be healthy for you. Otherwise you life span can be short and you can lose motivation and interest in life. There are several ways of doing that. Some the key points are given below. As food plays vital role in the healthcare, you should analyze you eating habit and diet plan for the improvements you want.

1. Eat at least two low GI meals a day

Most of the carbohydrates containing foods available in the market are processed such as breads, pasta, rice, cakes, and biscuits. They are lacking natural fiber that is broken down very quickly in the stomach. These carbohydrates break down and cause blood sugar to surge. These surges suddenly drop and lead to tiredness, lethargy, and concentration loss.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, and basmati rice are very appropriate foods that can provide the energy to the body and brings significant boost in energy.

2. Processed foods

All the processed foods should be excluded from the routine life as they brings the energy level to low level and do not bring improvement in health.

3. Natural foods

Natural foods should be part of your diet plan. These natural foods include all the fruits, vegetables and juices of natural fruits. They help you body to develop with great strength and efficiency.

4. Water intake

Water is essential part of life. There are certain food elements that can cause dehydration as well. Therefore more water intake will keep the body hydrated and help in maintaining the energy level.

Sugar intake

Sugar intake is not healthy and it should be kept to minimum.

Fuel up your body

Body needs fuel to work and perform daily tasks. Therefore, you have to provide the needed fuel to the body so that it can maintain its energy level. It doesn’t mean to eat heavy food in single sitting each time. You should rather plan out the daily diet and eat as much you need. Instead of eating heavy amount of food in single sitting, you can have small amounts of different natural foods after intervals when you feel hungry. In this way you can maintain the energy level all the day.

Juices and fluids

Fruit juices are very energetic and they should be taken daily with breakfast and exercises.


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