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Foodlife in Pune

Updated on October 22, 2012

Marz o rin

What you are looking at really

Alright! This is a hub for highlighting the places which define the food life of this cultural city. Sure there are plenty other places that offer quality food and even tastier. But ask any local here and these are the names that will pop up. These places are adored by generations of Puneites and tourists and have a different aura and ambiance that surrounds them. Hope I don't miss out much.

Vaishali restaurant

Location: FC Road(Near Deccan) 7km from station

There is no alternative for me but to begin with this one. This is a South Indian restaurant(Dosa, Idli and stuff like that :0) that has evolved according to the changing faces of Pune and so often you will find huddles of localites may it be teenagers or families gossiping happily. The rates are decent and the food is amazing but don't expect the waiters to smile. Its all business. Almost everything in the menu is good and worth a try.

Speciality: SPDP, Masala Dosa

Burger King


Two branches: ABC Farms,Koregaon park (4 km from station)[near Osho Ashram]

MG Road, Camp (3 km from station)

This is not the Burger King that has franchises all around the world. This is a local outlet and one burger can satiate both your taste buds as well as your stomach even if you are famished. Trust me, one is enough. The Camp branch is a very "Guys" spot with posters of Elvis and the likes adorning the place. The Koregaon Park branch is lot more spacious and a nice hangout. But sure don't judge the place by its dingy looks. And sure its damn cheap.

Kayani bakery

Location: east Street, Camp(3 km from station)

Find your time and grab that packet of Shrewsbury biscuits from this old Irani bakery. At first you will surely wonder what the big deal was about but surely the taste is addictive and you will soon be asking for more. Even the other items are tasty and unique and the counter is always busy. But take your time and surely you will be taking a few packets back home.


Shrewsbury biscuits

Marz o Rin

Location: East Street, Camp (3km from Pune station)

Almost walking distance from Kayani bakery and Burger King, this place serves excellent sandwiches and pastries. It is two floored apartment and a cozy place facing the busy streets of camp. Even the juices and shakes are worth a mention. Again it is an old establishment and inscribed in the hearts of Puneites


Coleslaw and other sandwiches

Pastries and juices


Sujata Mastani

This is almost the same thing as a thick shake topped with an ice cream and some dry fruits. Ya its delicious. No its nothing new. Yes its worth a try if you have time.There are number of branches, but the main branch is near laxmi road in the main market area of Pune city. It is better to ask someone for the nearest outlet. The thing is called as "Mastani" so please don't say "shake" at the counter. They will be offended.:)


Mango mastani

Sujata special mastani

Cafe Goodluck

Location: Deccan (about 6-7 km from station)(Connecting square of JM Road and FC Road)

This is a typical Irani restaurant that still proudly stands at the deccan gymkhana square and still gives the feel of the old Pune. The mornings are filled with regulars who have been coming here for the past thirty years or more for having tea and the famous "Bun maska"(Bread butter). Its not just the taste but the overall feel of the place that enchants you. You can also savour excellent food(especially Chicken curries) and Biryani in the evening time for which you will mostly have to remain standing outside waiting for around fifteen minutes.


Bun maska and Tea

Bun Omlette

Chicken Biryani

Manmeet Restaurant

Location: FC Road (7km from Pune station)

This is a semi Punjabi food joint(Chola Bhatura, Kulchas, Pav bhaji and Chaat). Coming straight on FC road, it is located close to Shivaji nagar railway station. It serves heavy and spicy food but really tongue licking good. Kind of a family restaurant and ideal time for visit is around evening when all its food counters are open.


Basket Chaat

Chola Bhatura

Nandu's Paratha

Location: 2 km from Pune Railway Station

As the name says it all, this place is famous for its delicious Parathas.The simplicity of the parathas keeps the charm alive. There are other variations like the Pizza topped parathas, but aloo parathas no doubt top the list. It is again very near Pune railway Station and can be reached by autorickshaws in a matter of 5 to 10 min. Again don't judge it by its dingy look.

Speciality: Aloo paratha

Cad M now Cafe Chokolatte

Location: Plenty around Pune. Ask for one.

Well this is now called as Cafe Chokolatte but still goes by its popular pet name Cad M. These outlets are now in plenty in Pune but the main one lies in Karishma Society, Kothrud. However they are all the same so doesn't matter. Their trademark serve is the "Cad M" or simply pure thick liquid dark chocolate topped with chocolate crushings. The "Cad" in it may very well stand for "Cadbury" though no one bothered to ask really. It is surely worth a try depending on where you have come from and what sorts of chocolate products you have tried.

Speciality: Blah

P.S. cad m does almost look like the one in the pic.

Shisha jazz Cafe

Location: ABC Farms, Koregaon Park (3 km from Pune Station)

There is something about this Iranian cafe that keeps up the enthusiasm and the atmosphere lively. As the name says, it is a place for Hookah's and well drinks and food too. It is a kind of double storeyed forest house with trees surrounding it from all sides.Almost. This place is filled most of the time with youngsters and people who give a sense of artistic demeanor. Thursdays are days when there are performances by music bands. It surely does cheer you up and is definitely a place on the must visit list.

Just to mention, Hard Rock Cafe, High Spirits Lounge and some other pubs in Pune(including Westin's Kue Bar) and plenty of dining places are at a walking distance.

Speciality: Hookah's

Durga Coffee Restaurant

Location: Ideal Colony, Paud Road, Kothrud (9 km from Pune Station, 5 km from Deccan Corner)

Though I don't like this place much the way I used to, the saga of Pune food life is incomplete without this place. Durga restaurant holds the unspoken patent for making Cold Coffee the daily beverage or if I might correct at least a weekly beverage of Puneites. What made it famous was not just its taste but also its cheapness. It still follows the old system of standing in line for buying the cold coffee (No it doesn't take time but gives a good kick just for the sake of it.) It is always and I say it again filled with people of all ages depending on when you visit it. A number of outlets of Durga restaurant(WHICH DO NOT BELONG TO THE AUTHENTIC AND PIONEER DURGA) have sprung up which are not that bad too, but the feel of this one can no longer be explained than you can explain why geeks like superheroes.

Speciality: Cold coffee

Bhurji Pav

Omlette Pav

Other noteworthy

Chitale Bandhu is a Sweets shop has plenty of outlets that have plenty of variety and is famous lot more than it is given credit, for its Mango barfi and "Bakarwadi".

Joshi Wadewale is a shop for the famous "Wadas".

Lastly a tribute to German Bakery which was a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world especially ones coming to Osho Spiritual Center before a terrorist attack on it three years back.Hopefully it will soon re-open and fill the hearts and plates of Pueites with more joy.


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