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Foodiacs: Online Community for Foodies

Updated on September 29, 2011

Would you describe yourself as a foodie? Are you a self-proclaimed food lover or a culinary professional who is passionate about his or her line of work?

Whether you enjoy cooking wonderful meals for your friends and family, love to try new and different culinary concoctions, are a fine dining enthusiast or a food industry professional, the Foodiacs online community just might become one of your favorite websites to visit (after HubPages, of course).

What is

The online community launched in September of 2011 as an online destination for those who are truly passionate about food and all related subjects. Literally, the site is an online community just for food enthusiasts. It is designed to appeal to those who are truly passionate about food, eating and all related topics.

When you become a Foodiacs member – which is free – you’ll have access to special offers available only in limited quantities for limited times. The items featured are not the same, old same old deals that you can find published all over the Internet; instead they are targeted deals especially selected for members of the Foodiacs community.

According to Katie Clegg, chief eating officer of, the site’s goal is to help introduce high quality artisan epicurean products to foodies in a way that will allow those who are enthusiastic about food to find out about quality products they might not otherwise become aware of.

Clegg explains, “Foodiacs is about helping companies get recognition for innovation and outstanding ingenuity – but more importantly it’s about connecting consumers, who are Foodiacs like us, to gourmet food artisans, epicurean products, specialty kitchen equipment and, ultimately, new experiences they’ll love.”

New product offerings are offered via the Foodiacs site every few weeks, and a variety of special culinary events that members are sure to find appealing are also planned. Members may also have a chance to attend local or regional food tastings, learn about different types of cuisine, attend culinary tours and enjoy participating in many more types of culinary events and activities.

Ready to Join the Community?

Are you ready to officially become a Foodiac? Register for your free account today and join the mailing list to stay abreast of the exciting offers and events. You can also keep up with what’s going on via the Foodiacs community by becoming a Facebook fan ( or following Foodiacs on Twitter ( As a true foodie – self proclaimed or professional – you’ll likely enjoy being part of the community and finding out about the interesting selection of special offers and events made available through the community.


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