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Foods that destress and detoxify

Updated on February 22, 2011

Every child today has much to deal with, school life is no longer about just academics or just extracurricular activities. Today to be scoring high the child has to participate in a large variety of events right from the start of the academic year. External scores are as important if not more so than the internal marks obtained in exams.

We probably have heard it said a million times that how you are is about what goes into you. This could not be more true when it comes to food. Eating the right kind of food can do wonders for your mind as well,  it’s not just about having a healthy body.

Broccoli is yet another important food item which contains folic acid. This is essential for reducing irritability and stress levels. This essential item is also found in orange juice and asparagus. It is

Bananas top the list when it comes to good eats to destress. Have you had a really stressful week, then peel one off and gobble it down to reduce that stress you are feeling.  Snack on them as they are high in minerals like potassium which have important roles in blood pressure, it is great to boost sugar levels in the blood and to stay energetic.

Another essential item that is important for a stress free life is salmon. Rather omega 3 fatty acids. This is one item that has been much talked about in all the health forums and has innumerable benefits to the individual. These omega-3 fatty acids have much role to play in making a person have a healthy heart, mental acuity and lots more.

Whole grains are something everyone has heard about. Having whole grain bread is a healthy practice as it contains enough complex carbs to release serotonin in the body which is important for relaxation and good health.

There are also researches that indicate how green tea and black tea are both vital to people for good health.  It was seen to control cortisol levels and thus reduce stress levels in an individual. If you find yourself unable to sleep and tossing and turning quite a bit some white meat high in tryptophan would be a good choice such as a serving of chicken breast. This will definitely be good for getting some good sleep on those nights of tossing and turning before an exam.

Sugar levels are also a vital part of healthy eating. Having adequate sugar will allow the body to produce gluco-corticoids which counter anxiety and stress reactions. Thus a cookie, an ice cream scoop or some biscuits in moderation are definitely on the platter for healthy eating.


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