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FoodSaver Review

Updated on November 11, 2012
Each FoodSaver sealing bag has a spot for noting the contents & date.
Each FoodSaver sealing bag has a spot for noting the contents & date. | Source

The FoodSaver GameSaver DeluxePlus

Don't let the name fool you. The FoodSaver GameSaver DeluxePlus® is great for preserving much more than meat. In fact, since we purchased it on sale this summer, we've used it exclusively to freeze peaches, tomatoes and applesauce. No meat at all!

Here's what we like about the FoodSaver GameSaver DeluxePlus®, and why we'll probably continue freezing our produce rather than canning it.

5 stars for FoodSaver GameSaver DeluxePlus

Look How Long Food Keeps in Vacuum-Sealed Bags!

Freezer Life
1-3 years
Beef, Lamb, Pork
2-3 years
Beef, ground
1 year
1-3 years
2 years
1-3 years
Green beans
2-3 years
1-3 years
2-3 years
Tomatoes, Green
1-2 years
Tomatoes, ripe
6 months-1 year

User Friendly

It's easy to prep small or large batches of food for freezing with the FoodSaver GameSaver® DeluxePlus. Unlike the traditional canning process, no sterilizing, high-temperature cooking or hot-water sealing is required. Just prep meat, vegetables or fruit for storage; place it in sealing bags; and use the GameSaver® Deluxe sealer to vacuum pack and seal them.

The FoodSaver® has several features that make the vacuum-packing and sealing process easy: adjustable settings for the best seal on foods, whether wet or dry; automatic shut-off when the vacuum and seal process is complete; vacuum and seal buttons that allow you to start as well as cancel the vacuuming and sealing process; two vacuuming speeds, fast for large bags and slow for smaller ones; and an indicator light that lets you know when sealing is complete.

Time Efficient

Vacuum sealing each bag takes 15 seconds or less. The FoodSaver® also allows you to make your own bags using Mylar Foodsaver® rolls. Making and vacuum sealing a bag takes about 30 seconds.

Simple Method for Freezing Tomatoes

Here's how we prepped tomatoes for freezing. First, we washed them, placed them in a large colander, poured hot water over them and allowed them to cool. (Don't want to mess with hot water? You can peel the tomatoes with a paring knife—or leave the skin on.)

With the GameSaver® Deluxe Plus, you can store food 4 ways:

  • vacuum & seal it in premade FoodSaver® bags;
  • make, vacuum & seal your own bags using FoodSaver's® Mylar rolls;
  • vacuum pack FoodSaver® canisters;
  • vacuum pack food in Mason jars with FoodSaver® jar sealers.

Once the tomatoes cooled, we pulled the skins off, cored them and cut them into quarters before placing them in bags and sealing them. Hands on, each batch only took about 15 minutes—and I didn't burn myself once!

Simple Method for Freezing Peaches

We prepped peaches using a similar method. We first water-blanched them, tossing them into boiling water for about 30 seconds and then scooping them out with a slotted spoon. Once the peaches cooled, we removed the skins, and then cut them in half and popped out the pits before slicing them up, bagging them and vacuum packing them.

Vacuum sealing really saves space in the freezer!
Vacuum sealing really saves space in the freezer! | Source

Space Saving

Because the FoodSaver GameSaver® vacuum sealer removes air from storage bags, they take up much less room in the freezer, allowing you to store meats, vegetables and other foods more easily. For instance, unlike traditional freezer bags, the FoodSaver's® vacuum-sealed bags fit easily in freezer side doors.

Money Saving

Buying foods in bulk and raising your own food at home is a real money saver. And with the FoodSaver®, you can save even more.

Because the FoodSaver® vacuum seals foods, they last much longer in the refrigerator and the freezer than they otherwise would, allowing you to store more without worrying that it will go bad before it's used.


The FoodSaver GameSaver® DeluxePlus also comes with an accessory port. Attach the accessory hose to the port, and you can not only vacuum pack FoodSaver® Mylar packages, but also FoodSaver® canisters and Mason jars.


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