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Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

Updated on August 17, 2009

Many people have probably seen the Foodsaver Vacuum sealer and wondered if the Foodsaver vacuum sealer actually works at storing food for longer periods of time. I know that at first many people would be skeptical about a Foodsaver vacuum sealer which is understandable since most of the foods that we have go bad after a certain amount of time. However, I can tell you that I have been using my Foodsaver vacuum sealer for close to three years now and actually enjoy the savings that my Foodsaver vacuum sealer has allowed me to have on my food bills. Here are some reasons why you will want to get your own Foodsaver vacuum sealer and start enjoying the savings as well!

The first reason why you will want to get a Foodsaver vacuum sealer is because the food that you place in them will be air tight if sealed properly. Which if you follow the directions each time your food will be sealed properly. Now I know that you are probably saying that how can this extend the time of my food when I already place them in the freezer. Well, I know that some of the packages that we place into the freezer will have air in them and that will mean that the packages will not be hugging onto the product tightly. Which if your freezer is like mine will mean it is going to be crowed and that will mean an increase in the chance of a hole being poked into the packaging which will allow for freezer burn, and food spoilage.

The second reason that purchasing a Foodsaver vacuum sealer is because once the air is out of the packaging that you purchase from the stores you will be able to store more. I know that prior to purchasing a Foodsaver vacuum sealer my freezer would always be a jumbled mess of food packages that were from the store. However, after I started using my Foodsaver vacuum sealer I managed to store even more food than what I could before in my freezer. Which during the winter months when the snow and ice was heavy it came in very handy because I didn't have to worry about venturing out into the storms to restock my freezer or cabinets.

The third reason that you will want to purchase a Foodsaver vacuum sealer is because you will be able to store your food for longer. Much like I already mentioned earlier you do not have food spoilage because their is no air, but just by reading the directions of the Foodsaver you will get an estimated time of how long you will have for an extended storage period. Which is a great deal longer than what you would have with conventional storage.

I know that I have been talking mainly about using the Foodsaver vacuum sealer mainly for freezer items, but you can use it for other storage as well. I know that I have used my Foodsaver vacuum sealer to store my flour, cereal, and other items that will have spoilage problems or insect problems that can happen with almost any of the food items that we purchase. However, once the item has been placed inside of the Foodsaver vacuum sealer package and properly sealed then this is no longer a poblem that I have to contend with.

While many people do not know about the benefits of the Foodsaver vacuum sealer you will want to find out these wonderful benefits that I have told you about and many more that would have made this article so long that it would be a book! Which I do not want to keep you away from purchasing and enjoying your own Foodsaver vacuum sealer.

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